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  2. Thank you very much!
  3. Done. Changed to
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  5. cPanel UserName: filipy65 Current Domain or Subdomain: Requested Domain: Reason for changing: I'm using the old domain mainly to manage emails, there is no need to use so many resources here. The "new" domain (already used as addon domain) is where the most needs of a web hosting are. The domain is removed from panel for now. Regards.
  6. I unsuspended your account. I moved your '' folder outside the public directory as the files are completely compromised. I suggest you delete all those files. If you try to move that folder back or use those files and spam gets sent again I will terminate your account.
  7. Ok, thanks. I thought I didn't understand how to do something.
  8. Just let me have a look and my files back. You can block outgoing emails from server.
  9. We don't have Let's encrypt, but we do have a autoSSL feature that does the same thing. If you have a cpanel generate cert for your site it will auto renew before it expires.
  10. Only an admin can change your main account domain i believe.
  11. You were suspended because you put something in your site that is sending out mass spam.
  12. First of all, thanks for the awesome service! My question is "Can we auto renew Let's encrypt cert without having SSH access"?
  13. Thanks Eli, Was this something I did incorrectly, or is it something only admin is able to do?
  14. Hi sir, I have a account with following details: Account Username : u8456223 Domain : Package : Personal 500 for I have been using vlexo past few years and had never faced or created any problem. Please unsuspend my account. I might have forgotten to place a link back as i had recently changed template of my website. Please unsuspend it so that i can put it back on it.
  15. Hi, I have removed the addon domain and changed your main account domain to your new one.
  16. Hi, I had to change my domain name on my account, but my old domain name (which has expired), is still set as the primary domain. According to Google, changing the primary domain is under "Account Features" > "Modify An Account", but I don't have those options in cPanel. How do I fix this? I also wasn't sure how to set-up the new domain. I put it under "Addon Domains", setting the root as /public_html which seems to have worked. Was this correct? Thanks.
  17. Ok, all done.
  18. Is down?
  19. Hi, I usually get a reminder for renewing my domain name, but it never arrived, and now it's expired. I just wanted to let you (support) know in case you were thinking I was shutting down my site (which I'm not), while I look for a new (free) domain name. I'll be as fast as I can about it. Thanks.
  20. @Eli L cPanel supports LetsEncrypt plugin - Install Fast and Free SSL and HTTPS in cPanel with Let’s Encrypt explains the procedure to install autossl or other third party plugins
  21. I use regular FTP. I also had issues with SFTP.
  22. Hi, Similar to this post, I was wondering if there were any plans for supporting Go (Golang) for the free accounts? Thanks.
  23. I would like to +1 this. It appears that both Mozilla and Google have distrusted StartCom and Wosign SSL certificates. Let's Encrypt is the most secure and recommend provider for free certificates. This would be a very good to have feature if it isn't too expensive/complex to implement.
  24. I do not believe you will be able to setup node.js unless you have an ad-free account with SSH access.
  25. Hi, Wanted to know if Vlexo supports Node.js If yes -- how to set it up. Needed it to install and run a blog based on Thanks and regards, Rohan
  26. You're unsuspended. You were suspended because you were being distributed brute Force attacked.
  27. btalunch Expert Ad-Free Hi, My bill was overdue but I paid it earlier today. Could you please unsuspend my account? Thanks! Beccah F.
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