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  2. Unsuspended. I've changed the passwords on all your accounts emails because your passwords were not secure enough. If it happens again the account will be terminated.
  3. Can you unsuspend my account, please? I will try to find where is a problem. Of course spam wasn't send by me.
  4. You're suspended for sending out spam.
  5. What website can you see?
  6. You have ftp access.
  7. Please unsuspend my account: user: krzoska domain:, plan: Expert free Regards. Janusz Krzoska
  8. Then why can I see them?
  9. Can you please give me an FTP access?
  10. I believe that you didn't send spam, but your website did. Probably because your scripts or software has not been updated so it got hacked. I've moved all your files to "website files" folder outside your public_html folder so that more spam doesn't get sent and I have unsupended your account. If you move them back without updating your stuff and fixing the problem and I see that it's sending spam again I will terminate your account.
  11. If your account was terminated then all your files are gone and cannot be retrieved.
  12. I did not send any spam. And I have not recieved any warnings from you
  13. Your account is suspended for sending out spam.
  14. Eli, Can you help me? Atticus
  15. Hello acc u5082957 p500 package I would to know the reason of suspention and what should I do to unsuspend it. Thanks
  16. I'm trying to export my files but the FTP can not access the server. Is the termination of my account hindering the connection to the server? Server info ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Database server Server: Localhost via UNIX socket Server type: MySQL Server version: 5.6.38-log - MySQL Community Server (GPL) Protocol version: 10 User: awinston@localhost Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) Web server cpsrvd Database client version: libmysql - 5.1.73 PHP extension: mysqli curl mbstring PHP version: 5.6.30 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks, ALW
  17. Hi, Is there a particular reason why we are still running php 5.6.32 and not 7.2? Thanks.
  18. Thanks. I fixed the problem in my domain panel. Thanks for helping
  19. That domain takes me to which doesn't work. I'm pretty sure isn't hosted here.
  20. My site is Today isn´t works. What´s happened? I can access to cpanel, but the site is down Can you fix it? Thanks.
  21. Thank you very much!
  22. Done. Changed to
  23. cPanel UserName: filipy65 Current Domain or Subdomain: Requested Domain: Reason for changing: I'm using the old domain mainly to manage emails, there is no need to use so many resources here. The "new" domain (already used as addon domain) is where the most needs of a web hosting are. The domain is removed from panel for now. Regards.
  24. I unsuspended your account. I moved your '' folder outside the public directory as the files are completely compromised. I suggest you delete all those files. If you try to move that folder back or use those files and spam gets sent again I will terminate your account.
  25. Ok, thanks. I thought I didn't understand how to do something.
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