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  2. @Eli L cPanel supports LetsEncrypt plugin - Install Fast and Free SSL and HTTPS in cPanel with Let’s Encrypt explains the procedure to install autossl or other third party plugins
  3. I use regular FTP. I also had issues with SFTP.
  4. Hi, Similar to this post, I was wondering if there were any plans for supporting Go (Golang) for the free accounts? Thanks.
  5. I would like to +1 this. It appears that both Mozilla and Google have distrusted StartCom and Wosign SSL certificates. Let's Encrypt is the most secure and recommend provider for free certificates. This would be a very good to have feature if it isn't too expensive/complex to implement.
  6. I do not believe you will be able to setup node.js unless you have an ad-free account with SSH access.
  7. Hi, Wanted to know if Vlexo supports Node.js If yes -- how to set it up. Needed it to install and run a blog based on Thanks and regards, Rohan
  8. You're unsuspended. You were suspended because you were being distributed brute Force attacked.
  9. btalunch Expert Ad-Free Hi, My bill was overdue but I paid it earlier today. Could you please unsuspend my account? Thanks! Beccah F.
  10. From what I'm seeing right now your pirate site is using way too much CPU to load its pages.You'd need to do some optimization to reduce load from your wordpress before I can guarantee your account would be safe from being suspended again.
  11. You mean i can keep my site with paid hosting package. Am i right? Because yourfree hosting itself is better than some paid hosting services.
  12. I've unsuspended your account. You can choose to upgrade by following the instructions here: Or you can choose to remove the site, or find a different host.
  13. I am so sorry for that. Will it be ok if i take "Expert Ad-Free" hosting? if not, at least, please let me take a backup of my site (I will be thankful to you if you could grant me temporary access for few hours)? I will keep a permanent link-back to vlexofree, if you helped me saving some time. Thanks in advance.
  14. Your "pirate" website is against the rules and is not allowable content for our ads to be hosted on.
  15. Username: thop Domain: Package: Expert 2000 Reason: Not specified Hello Friend, my account was recently suspended. Could you please help me out here as to why it was suspended ? i did put linkback in the footer links on all domains. i did pasted ad code in but adsense is blocked for one of addon domain. is that the issue? Please let me know, how to resolve this issue?
  16. Account Type: Personal Free cPanel UserName: cpeter Browser: Firefox System (Mac/Windows/Linux): Windows Nature Of Problem: Changing Domain Name Current Domain or Subdomain: gtsng.netRequested Domain: Error you are Getting [if applicable]: Problem: There is something wrong with my domain name. I created another one "". Thanks.
  17. It was a huge requests from Russia and eastern Europe countries. I attached a printscreen of them I raised my security to high and put captcha challenges to those countries Hope that help. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks Eli
  18. The IPs that I have tested have all be associated with cloudflare. Because cloudflare acts as a proxy I'm unable to see the actual IPs of the people trying to login.
  19. That is login script of joomla. It seems to be brutal force attack. One last thing are there specific IPs or countries i can block ?
  20. From the snapshot I got of it, looks like the following had the most requests: /ar/component/users/?view=login
  21. The caching is already activated. Beside that i have not added any new elements to the website ,maybe, since April. I am with the idea of being under attack. Would you tell me if there are specific pages or scripts intensively requested? Thanks Eli and sorry for the inconvenience
  22. I got notice that the server was being overloaded right as I was leaving for work so I suspended your account so the load would go down. Your site was taking up all available connections to the server with requests for your site. One thing that causing so many problems is that your site is very resource intensive. If not already done, please enable Caching for all the pages of your site in your CMS. That way, instead of generating the pages for your site with every visitor, a cached page can be used to be displayed to all visitors which will reduce the load on the server.
  23. Hi Eli My account is suspended again. Is it the same attack ? Is there something i can do to prevent it? I have activated cloudflare under attack mode. Hope this help
  24. Hi Eli My account is suspended again. Is it the same attack ? Is there something i can do to prevent it? I set up the name servers to cloudflare
  25. Thanks Eli , I think CLoudflare is not that good to defend against DDOs . It shows only bad browser type of threats .
  26. Someone was trying to ddos or brute force something on your account so I suspended it to keep it and the server safe. Unsuspended.
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