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    Did you guys know that I use to be just like you? I came to Vlexo looking for free hosting for my website (after moving through like five other free hosts. either because the service sucked or the service shut down like many free hosts do.) when the previous owner started it back in 2007. Then through the months/year I worked my way up through the ranks of the hierarchy. Through my ideas on how to improve the service and make it better/faster/and easier to use I became admin of the board and got root access to the server. A period of peace and tranquility then happened with Vlexo and the server but then the previous owner had a series of life issues which caused him to have months of intermittent inactivity in which no one could get ahold of him. This became devastating a while back when the server started acting up and crashing (I call this the period of darkness) and I did not have access to the server's upstream support to get it all fixed. Then there was a scare when he forgot to pay the server bills and I was told that the server was going to be shut down. By this time he was no where to be seen or get ahold of so I was the main acting admin and sysadmin. After that I became worried about the future of this service and the files of everyone hosted with it; so I tried my best to work around the problems. The last straw was a short period after that. The server was in a state of constant freezes and crashes and downtime was horrible. The server did not have enough memory and everyone was suffering because of it. I still had no communication with the owner so I finally took charge of Vlexo. There was no way this service could survive in its current condition and I was not going to give up and let everyone on there suffer and lose their sites, so I found a new server, transfered all accounts over, rebranded it, and started from scratch fixing all the known problems that I knew about with the way Vlexo was setup. And now here we are today. The message I'm trying to make here is that if you enjoy something and care about it enough, you can work your way up from the bottom, all the way to the top with your ideas and dedication to make the best possible service for everyone. Then one day the survival of the service may depend on you to cary on its legacy.
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    Hi guys, I'd like to urge all active members of this forum to help us fight against spam. So if you spot any post that you think you saw on some other board in word to word, and you find it in thread where it's not supposed to be, or as first post in suspicious thread to you,that might be spam. Also any post in thread that is not related to that thread should be reported as well. Let the moderators worry about that, don't be afraid to send us report, and it will deleted ASAP. [as soon as possible] Thanks for reading. bye - malcom
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    This story starts about 5 months ago, in October, with me trying to do a search for “VlexoFree” on Bing. The result was troubling as there were no results for vlexofree.com or any vlexofree subdomains. I’m not sure when this started but I do know VlexoFree was listed on microsoft’s search engine when I first started VlexoFree. Anyways, it took me 5 months of emailing Microsoft Support back and forth to find out what the issue was and for them to fix it. But I am happy to announce that as of today VlexoFree.com and all of its subdomains are now being re-indexed by Bing and will start appearing in searches today. View the blog article
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    PHP 5.6 is now installed and you can use versions 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6 if you need. :)
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    I will, but I can't just yet. Some things I use is not currently compatible with anything above PHP 5.4. Cpanel is testing a new version of their install software that will allow multiple versions of php to be installed so users and select which version they want their scripts to use. Currently I'm waiting on that to be released.
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    Once primary domain is set to islamthoughts.tk, islamabofarha.vlexofree.com subdomain will be discontinued and you may lose your visitors. Have you considered redirecting all hits from islamabofarha.vlexofree.com to islamthoughts.tk? You can use htaccess to maintain relative url.
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    Yes. Our version of openssl is patched from this recent vulnerability.
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    After getting reports today about WordPress installs getting hacked on the server I did some investigating and found that this may be a server wide hacking, meaning potentially all WordPress installs may have been defaced on the server. The exploit was mostly likely caused by a vulnerability in Apache having to due with symlinks. If you were effected by this, I have wrote the following article to help you: http://vlexofree.com/wiki/Exploit:_Hacked_by_badi I have also recompiled apache/php with a patch to prevent the exploit (although the patch may cause issues of its own) and globally changed everyone’s “wp-conf.php” to “600″ permissions. The exploit did not compromise your overall WordPress install or your passwords. The only changes made by the exploit are to the wordpress database in the following locations: the wordpress title, charset, and widgets. It only takes a few steps to fix, but it is a bit annoying to have to do it. View the blog article
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    As you said, you'll have change dot.tk service to entrydns and then to vlexofree.com I am using cloudflare and it is good
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    All the old free web hosts, angelfire, geocities, and tripod, were terrible. Absolutely terrible. Limited to HTML and client-side scripting, you're restricted in what you can do, and to be honest, geocities sites were infamous in their web design. Then there are the advertisements, which continue to this day. Now take the Personal 500 for example, it's free, and allows you to use a wide variety of server side scripting; php, ruby, etc. The only advertisement they require is a linkback on every page, which is far from a nuisance when you see the web page. As well you have 5 GB of bandwidth, which is close to unlimited.
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    Happy new year everyone! There haven’t been many changes to VlexoFree for a while which might make it seem like VlexoFree is slowing down or dying.. I’ve come here to say that this is far from the truth! To start off this year I’m getting rid of the Personal 300 plan and changing it to the Personal 500 plan. This means everyone on who is currently on the Personal 300 plan will be getting an upgrade from 300 megabytes of space to 512 megabytes of space. As I assess our current plans there might be more changes like this in the future! Eli L. VlexoFree Owner, System Administrator View the blog article
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    To get a new package, start a new thread here in the VlexoFree Support forum and use the following template when making a request: [b]Your current domain or subdomain: [/b] [b]Your current cPanel Username: [/b] [b]Current Plan: [/b] [b]Requested Plan: [/b] [b]Do you have the ads and linkback on your pages?: [/b] [b]Why do you need an account upgrade/downgrade?: [/b]
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    Most of these autoinstaller scripts cost money and the scripts in them are usually pretty outdated. I've used fantastico before and this software is just not worth paying for. If you want to install a script you should get it directly from the developer's website so you know its up to date and so you have a better understanding of how it works by installing it yourself.
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    The IP's looks like it's a mix of the RIPE network and the ARIN network ips. RIPE is a common DDOS area. Thank you for notifying us. I'll let the Admin know. Your Limits will be reset though. Please also use the template here: Once we get that fixed, I'm going to help you prevent this from happening again.
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    Again, None of these three have VlexoFree Ads. On Information on how to place VlexoFree ads refer to https://vlexofree.com/wiki/Ads_and_Linkbacks
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    Hello writer, You don't really need to create a php.ini file to import your posts into Wordpress. Try reading this. http://codex.wordpre...porting_Content Also, I can help you break the import file to smaller pieces if you don't have access to your blogger anymore. Thanks and let me know how it goes. Edit: Or try converting through here: http://blogger2wordpress.appspot.com/
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    I've seen most people leaving their content open. They set all images in images/ directory and forget to add index page to hide the content! To hide the content if index page is missing, Add the following in .htaccess file preferably in public_html directory as it applies to child directories as well Options -Indexes To override above in child directory, Add in child directory Options +Indexes You get 403 error if someone tries to access it. Once you place index page, that page will be displayed properly.
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    First off, i've been with Vlexo since 2008-2009ish so I can say much about it. First are the excellent Linux servers which are very stable and have rare downtime and fast loads. Next is the Mysql feature which very few (if any) free hosting services offer yet Vlexo does. Then there's the fast and updated 5.3 PHP and the more than fair bandwidth and space it offers for the lowest free package (P300). Vlexo has been online for years and isn't one of those sites that disappear along with all your files. Overall Vlexo is a VERY decent free host if not the best. If your money doesn't allow getting a real domain then by all means go for Vlexo, but make sure to leave a donation if you can for providing these wonderful services to it's members. Remember that Vlexo gives more than it takes so it's always good to give a helping hand. Reliability: 8/10 Software: 10/10 Support: 10/10 Space/Bandwidth (for a free host): 9/10 Total: 9/10 rating for Vlexo on my end. Lots of props and kudos to all of the hardworking Vlexo staff that keep the site ticking and keeping it what it is.
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    Good news everyone! After the first downtime I was pretty sure it was going to happen again. So I did some stuff so I would be sure to see what was causing it. It happened again, and needless to say I caught the account. The downtime will stop now.
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    I want staff to be active on here helping people so I look for people who have at least/around 100 posts and have been helping members with their problems.
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    Well, I've been reading around. The reason most of you are having problems because you have to wait at least 24 hours for the dns to resolve, so please keep this in mind. These are the following nameservers for all VlexoFree plans. NameServer 1 : ns1.vlexofree.com NameServer 2 : ns2.vlexofree.com
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    00. Disclaimer. The effectiveness (and necessity) of tricks explained below depend heavily on the server configuration (i.e. system-wide installation of ruby, rubygems, rails, fcgi etc.) The instruction below was conceived and implemented at http://rj.vlexo.net in the 2008-06-19..2008-06-26 time frame, and applies to vlexo server configuration as of that time. Your mileage may vary. 0. I assume you have a working rails application, that is successfully running on your local machine using script/server. Configure the database access to match your Vlexo account details. (beware, Vlexo CPanel changes requested database and user names to the form ACCOUNT_DATABASE, ACCOUNT_USER, where ACCOUNT is your Vlexo account name). 1. In past, Vlexo CPanel provided an option to create an empty rails application. Now it's gone. I wonder if it had deep meaning? Anyway, just go ahead to upload your application somewhere in your home directory. If you upload it under public_html, the source files of the application will be also availabe which may or may not be the desired side effect. 1.5 In order to be able to use CPanel RubyGems function, you may need to patch your gem executable in $HOME/ruby/bin, by adding the following line at the start of the script $:.insert(0, '/home/USERNAME/ruby/lib') where USERNAME is your vlexo account name 2. In past, Rails were installed globally. Nowadays, you have to install it yourself (or hope that it is already installed). CPanel Rubygems service comes in handy. From now on I assume you have rails installed in $HOME/ruby/gems. (In my case, it was already installed. I wonder if it was installed by Ruby-on-Rails CPanel function, or is included into new user template) 3. As of this moment, the two ways to run your Rails application on Vlexo is CGI and FCGI (since Ruby-on-Rails applet disappeared from CPanel). Theoretically, FCGI should provide much higher throughput, as it is capable of serving multiple requests using single rails instance. Anyway, the setup is basically the same. You need: (a) copy dispatch.cgi (or dispatch.fcgi) to your public_html/cgi-bin directory (don't forget to 'chmod 755 dispatch.cgi'). ( adjust require line so that the path to config/environment is correct. © add the following two "magic" lines at the very start of the script: $:.insert(0,"/home/USER/ruby/lib") ENV["GEM_PATH"] = "/home/USER/ruby/gems"[/code] where USER is your user name at vlexo. The first line instructs ruby to load 'rubygems' from your local directory rather than the default system version that is outdated. The second line instructs rubygems to look for rubygems in your local directory, rather than in the system-wide gems directory. 4. You need to tell Rails how to react to [i]/cgi-bin/dispatch.cgi[/i] request lines. In the simplest case, add the following lines to [i]config/routes.rb[/i]: [code]map.connect 'dispatch.cgi', :controller => "APP" map.connect 'dispatch.fcgi', :controller => "APP"[/code] where [i]APP[/i] is the name of application controller. At this step, pointing your browser to [url]http://YOURSITE.vlexo.net/cgi-bin/dispatch.cgi[/url] should run your rails application 4.5 Installing 'fcgi' ruby gem for FCGI access. The attempt to install 'fcgi' gem through CPanel/RubyGems was not successful, so I recommend uploading the files from local installation. In my case, uploading the following files to [i]$HOME/ruby/lib[/i] was sufficient: [code]fcgi.rb fcgi.so libfcgi.so.0[/code] 5. Don't forget to add [CODE]AddHandler fcgid-script .fcgi[/code] to your [i]cgi-bin/.htacess[/i], otherwise FCGI will work in (effective) CGI mode and will not bring any performance benefits.
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    If you must have the server time as UTC then fine. There you go.
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    None of my business, is my stance on this. If a person wants to get married to a person with someone else of the same sex, why the hell not!
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    Oddly enough, whenever i use Maxthon Cloud to login into the forums or the main site. I ALWAYS get password is incorrect please make sure you typed the right password in. However with Mozilla i logged in the first try. Its more of a heads up to others using Maxthon
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    You can see disk usage in Files > Disk Space Usage Please refer to document on https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/ALD/Disk+Space+Usage.
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    I'm getting "This webpage is not available" everytime I try to load it. http://vlexofree.com/cpanel
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    I pass my site through CloudFlare and also have installed cloudflare plugin .
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    How can i changed the authentication method in gmail? I ticked 'Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.' and its still not working.
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    Here you go! http://vlexoforums.com/forum/11-vlexofree-support/ (Look for Vlexofree Support on the Forum's Homepage) Also, Make sure that you use template located on that forum!
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    You should be good to go if you just got the Personal 300 Plan! You'll be moved to Approved soon
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    Alright. First, remove the co.cc domain from parked domain. then go to Add-on domains and add on the domain through there. (Don't worry about the document root) Once Added, Click "Manage Redirection" and type in "http://guiadeti.co.cc/" then click "Save" Once you do that, Guiadeti.co.cc should redirect to Guiadeti.tk
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    Edit :- One of these may help you Stackoverflow http://dustyreagan.c...r-to-wordpress/ http://nedbatchelder..._wordpress.html For other links just google Blogger to Wordpress htaccess
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    Here is a first try, if you have any improvements just let me know index.htm
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    As I have promised. I will post tutorials and stuff here. Author Notes: Thanks vlexofree for your free hosting [/code] First of all, I assume you have set up your account here and you can access your cPanel. Download the files needed below. Files/Softwares Needed: [b]PHPBB -Download[/b] Any FTP Software but I prefer this one: [b]FileZilla - Download[/b] [b]Step 1: [/b] Install the [b]FileZilla[/b]. Extract the downloaded [b]PHPBB[/b] zip file anywhere on your PC eg. C:/. [b]Step 2: Connect to your ftp server[/b] Open FileZilla and connect to your site using this login: [b]Host [/b] : ftp.YOURDOMAIN.com [b][b]Username[/b]: YOURUSERNAME (used in cPanel login) Password[/b]: YOURPASSWORD [b]Port[/b] : 21 [b]Step 3: Upload the files[/b] Browse to the folder named "www". Create a new directory/folder named "forum" (without the quotes). Upload the extracted phpBB files on this folder. [b]Step 4: Creating database on vlexofree cPanel[/b] On your cPanel home, browse to MySQL® Databases Create a database and user: [b]Database name[/b]: phpbb [b]Username[/b]: phpbb [b]Password[/b]: yourpassword After creating the database and password, you must add the user to the database. It is located at the bottom of MySQL® Databases. At the dropdown box for user, select yourusername_phpbb and for the database select yourusername_phpbb then click Add. Check All Privileges and click Make Changes. [b]Step 5:[/b] Once you are done uploading the files and creating the database, open a browser and browse to: [b]http://yourdomain.com/forum/install[/b] These are the steps on forum installation [b]Step 5.1:[/b] Click Proceed to next step at the Install tab. [b]Step 5.2: [/b]Start Install [b]Step 5.3:[/b] On the Database settings, leave these fields empty/default: Database server hostname ,Database server port And fill this fields: [b]Database name[/b]: yourusername_phpbb [b]Database Username[/b]: yourusername_phpbb [b][b]Database Password[/b]: yourpassword Prefix[/b]: phpbb_ Proceed to next step [b] Step 5.4[/b]: Fill out your administrator details according to your preference. The installer should give a message saying "Tests passed", just click Proceed to next step: [b]Step 5.5:[/b] The Installer should again give a message saying "The configuration file has been written. You may now proceed to the next step of the installation.", just Proceed to next step: [b]Step 5.6:[/b] Advanced Settings: On the Email Settings: [b]Use SMTP server for e-mail[/b]: Yes [b]SMTP server address[/b]: mail.vlexo.net [b]SMTP username[/b]: yourusername@yourdomain.com (You can create emails if you want at your cPanel) [b]SMTP password[/b]: yourpassword [b]Domain name[/b]: yourdomain.com You don't need to edit other fields but if you know what you are doing, edit it according to your preference. Your FORUM is now up but you should do the last step before using your forum. [b]Last Step:[/b] Connect on your ftp server using FileZilla and browse to www/forum. You should rename/move the folder named "install" before using and accessing the forum. Finished! Your FORUM is now up. Just browse to: [b]http://yourdomain.com/forum[/b] Login using your administration account and edit the setting of your forum on Administration Control Panel. The rest is up to you. Thank you for taking your time reading my tutorial. Till next time. [b]Edit[/b]: I made this tutorial not knowing that there is a phpBB on Site Software. Just ignore this tutorial and use the installer in cPanel.
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    I believe I have remote mysql disabled so if you're trying to connect to a database from outside of the server you will not be able to. This prevents abuse.
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    I made a video to promote vlexofree. In the video are easy instructions to recieve a free website.
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    My username is jsfdan and my domain is cookyx.com I have a link back to vlexofree.com at the bottom of the footer. I have always had that there... :S
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    Hello, I'm 18 (19 in 35 days) and a Mathematics / Computer Science Major in college. My current plans are to have a computer related job, which at the moment may be networking, and to do some freelance programing. I dabble in web design, currently working at developing a mobile version of company's website, and do a bit of graphics editing here and there (ex. signatures). I'm also a definite gamer getting my start on an Atari and a NES. I kind of want to say I'm a softcore gamer for a lack of a better word, not casual or hard-core, but in between. I've done so many intro, I can never remember if I'm forgetting something, but if your interested in knowing something just ask.
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    Hey VlexoFree, I'm just a single dude that wants to show you guys how to make some extra money online. My goal? I want to turn $0 into $10,000 legitimately and legally by using just the power of the internet. Now I know what you are thinking... Another website that's going to sell me some garbage eBook. That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, I don't want to sell you anything. I want to show you how I've been making a small fortune on the side by using the internet and a lot of common sense. Also, I want to provide a forum where my readers can review my tactics and tell me what I'm doing wrong or what I can do better. I don't have all the answers, but when we work together, we can come up with the best answers and that's something that this single dude enjoys. A little about myself. I'm born and raised in America. I'm college educated and I have a full time job as an IT consultant. I'm just a single dude who cares about his future. Someday this single dude isn't going to be single, and I won't have to provide just for myself. I will be providing for others, so it's important to save up now, so I'm not pulling my hair out later on in life. To be successful, you have to be passionate. People who aren't passionate typically lead a miserable life. I challenge all of you to be passionate about something. One of the things I am passionate about is my Country. I love my country and I love the people in this country. I know America is having a rough time economically, but I think there is a larger problem. I think America is lazy. So many people complain about not having money while they are sitting on their couch eating $30 pizzas charged to their credit card while watching American Idol. Others bately scrape by working multiple jobs. Being fiscally smart is no easy task because in today's culture, you are constantly being solicited. I care about our country, but in order to change, we have be willing to work our butts off and use our brains to make money, not to spend it. I want to motivate America to work hard again by using the technology that most of us already have in our homes today. The most important tool we have is our minds. If you can see it, you can believe it. There is power in positive thinking. Are you ready? I am. I have put done my interview and I have crossed my fingers. I can't wait to meet some of you guys because I enjoy learning more than anything and Vlexo Forums and uniqueness of the company provides an opportunity to mingle with other websites that may be beneficial to my own.
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    running install running build running build_py creating build creating build/lib copying feedparser.py -> build/lib running install_lib copying build/lib/feedparser.py -> /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages byte-compiling /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/feedparser.py to feedparser.pyc[/code] Try again
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    You heard right! Our old server (named "quad") couldn't handle the load of all our accounts on it so VlexoFree has moved to a new dedicated server (named "deuce"). Our new server is a quad core Q9550 running at 2.83GHz with 4GB of memory and CentOS 5.4. Compare that to quad which was a quad core Q6600 running at 2.40GHz with 2GB of memory and CentOS 4.8. The one caveat about our new server is that it doesn't have fantastico. Sorry for the people who relied on it heavily. Important: Only the members who are new and the members who have shown they comply with the new VlexoFree at this post have been moved over the our new server. The rest of the members are still on the old server. If you want to be on the new server you have to post on that thread (and change your nameservers to the new vlexofree.com ones). And as always; if your site has any issues after being moved please let us know. I'll be happy to try to fix the problems. Edit: I have also disabled new registrations of *.vlexo.net subdomains. I do not own that domain and I do not want people to be affected if the owner neglects to renew it.
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    Well you're not going to get any skills making an OS while using nothing but windows.
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    Info is here: http://vlexofree.com...ms-com-is-down/ Everything is back up now and the forums are moved to our sever. It might take people a little longer to see this version of the board as the new DNS has to propagate. I'm not going to be to active for a couple of weeks as school is more important then vlexo. Oh and lastly, the vlexofree signup software is gonna be changed sometime soon.
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    As an added note you should not rely on the servers time without using date_default_timezone_set PHP usually complains if you dont
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    Well, I just wanted to show you guys the logo's I made up for Paul. I rather quite like them. What do you think? Take care.