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    Sorry, just started a new job and have been pretty busy. There are currently 164 accounts on the server. And yeah it's a dedicated. It's not too expensive, $121 a month for the server and cpanel license. It's not boring, I just hadn't been able to maintain everything for a while and my "business model" of ads on free sites supporting the server currently generate almost no money. Some of the software we use is also a bit dated and should be changed to newer software that's a bit faster but doing doing the work on the server thats needed would take a lot of time to make sure there are no major bugs. Time that I no longer have. Thank you for the offer, but the server really does need to be a dedicated to run all the sites well. It was once hosted on a VPS before I believe and it did not work out well at all. Unsure what to do yet. I haven't started looking for someone to take over yet. Ideally I'd like to see someone take it over and bring it back up to what it once was but I think the chances of that are slim. Hey Shikhir! It's been a while! If I can think of a way for you to help I'll let you know, thank you for the offer!
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    It's quite upsetting to see things have ended up this way. I mean Vlexo was a big part of my teenage years, I remember Vlexo swarming with people wanting hosting here. Are there many accounts active on the server? I'm guessing you have a dedi', which aren't cheap Sorry if I'm blunt but, is VlexoFree boring you and just carrying unwanted weight on your shoulders? I'm in the mind of helping, but, if the web host is relatively small I could find it quite easy to maintain. VPS perhaps? If it does actually need a dedi' to host all of the active clients. That might be a bit difficult as I don't have the finances to run a dedi' without seeing any profit. And I wouldn't want to start charging, that's not what Vlexo/VlexoFree has ever been about. I don't know, I feel like I'm rambling, but what are your suggestions? What would you like see happen? Are you selling the host or looking for someone to, effectively, take over.