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  1. Hey Vlexonians! Just been sent a quick question over Facebook and just seeing if any of you guys would possibly have an answer? Basically I can't help out, so sending it to you very talented peeps! Anyone fill me in on what I'd need to tell him? Much appreciated
  2. Looking for people's help. Can I get anyone please to show their support for me by liking the following FB group: CHEERS!

  3. They were already up Minecraftism has been open since January and our dedicated server came last week. We just wanted it all working before advertising. Your message was purely coincidental. Just note, we will need mods and ADMIN/OPS to run the us server so stay close and make sure to participate in the community forums. Just because we are aus and nz based doesn't mean other can't join in on conversations -- Posted from HTC Desire using Tapatalk.
  4. That's right We have it all up and running. We have only a few registered whitlist users so far so we don't have any look of over flowing too quickly. That means that you will have a 99% chance at getting online once added (I think our limit is around 500 users). Everyone is welcome!
  5. Oh yeah. New video :)

  6. Hey all No topic here about it so may as wwell get a discussion going on Anyone else here been sucked into the world of Minecraft? I have been lol its an EPIC game. Imagine you are 4 years old and laying in the sandpit building everything under the sun? Well thats basically Minecraft hehe Thats one of my Let's Play - Minecraft videos (I am WertTheFerk ) if you wanted to get more of an idea of what you can build from NOTHING! LOL @ the suicide cow! But I make those videos for my Minecraft forum I have a fwe free copies I'm giving away. There are world wide ones and comps for Aus/NZ only too. It says Australian-NewZealand Basec Community forums.. That means we are world savvy and also are looking for people to help run each countries section in the forum once we get bigger (so lists of servers etc) What is your favourite aspect of Minecraft?
  7. Hey all. Just looking to see if anyone is interested in looking up their family tree. I'm looking to start doing it and was going to see if anyone wanted to contact up and help each other find ways of finding family sources If so, just reply to the message
  8. I can only suggest that you may need to find another site. I have completed many offers now and have been earning money playing games only for the last few weeks. I've never completed a survey, only just ever played games and clicked on emails It's by far the best and as for now is the only one I'm using ... I'm in Australia. -- Posted from HTC Desire using Tapatalk.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Every member counts to us. You are.never required to pay for free hosting but as suggested, if you wish to make a donation, it goes straight back into your services and to also build our server, bigger, faster and more secure. The beat for Vlexonians! Money isn't everything and I wouldn't call it running Vlexo at a loss. My money is well worth being spent on worthy users. -- Posted from HTC Desire using Tapatalk.
  10. Plenty of offers for free and I'm now getting money twice daily to click email links. 3 clicks, then close all the Windows. I'm also fully addicted to Plants vs Zombies in their paid to play section . I only post sites beneficial to members, if you had to pay for everything on the site, I wouldn't have posted here I run 4 websites with money I earn monthly online. I'm just giving you all a front run if the sites that are actually worth it (i join around 2 make money online sites each month to test them). If you don't wish to continue using Snap, you don't have to I think more people need to understand that time is they key to making money online. You can't join a site and expect to make hundreds instantly. Time is everything. -- Posted from HTC Desire using Tapatalk.
  11. Mwahahhahahaha I can't do it from my phone! -- Posted from HTC Desire using Tapatalk.
  12. As most of you know, I have a tendancy to earn online through sites. Why am I able to do so? Because I go to MANY sites to try and find the best deals and see who actually pays up. So far the best Read Email, Complete Surveys or Play Games to earn money I have found (and is legit) is: SnapDollars They have plenty of fun games to play for $ and points and also tournaments held daily to win amazon gift cards etc. They always have free offers and also send emails almost daily. Also if you refer your friends, you can also earn too. Please remember to click the links in this thread for the referral for myself as it pays for the servers and makes my job easier to find more cool sites for all Vlexonians! SnapDollars Enjoy it I am!
  13. At this point in time, this is Vlexofree. There, in essence, is not an actual VLEXO host. So everyone needs linkbacks to VlexOFree to get the domain popular in conjunction with sites like Alexa. -- Posted from HTC Desire using Tapatalk.
  14. Climb aboard and enjoy the ride! Good to have you with us. -- Posted from HTC Desire using Tapatalk.
  15. Just wanted to send a shout to Eli on his birthday! Hope you have a good one mate!