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  1. I followed your steps and no dice. Still the error
  2. I had problems updating through cpanel, so I have updated through wordpress itself every time it presented me with updates, which have been again in the last couple of weeks. It always fails through site software but ill look into manual update.
  3. I did try something in the config files but it didn't work. That was last night. It has been down since atleast Thursday if not earlier. I witnessed it on thursday. Some google results say recent php updats commented out a few important lines. Other thing is maybe a server ip instead of localhost?
  4. Hello, i will update with the template after i get home from work tonight. [b]Account Plan[/b]: Expter 2000 [b]cPanel UserName[/b]: jerrod [b]Your Domain or Subdomain[/b]: / [b]Browser:[/b] Chrome/Firefox [b]System (Mac/PC/Linux):[/b] PC [b]Nature Of Problem[/b]: PHP Installation File / Mysql [b]Error you are Getting [If applicable][/b]: included picture below. [b]Problem[/b] My site is unusable due to the error "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the mysql extension". I cannot access a php.ini file that the google searches reconmend due to it being a shared server without that access. I am getting a error on my wordpress thats says "your php instillation appears to be missing the mysql extension". I will include a photo as well. Is this a server issue with php down?
  5. That is interesting, I had a index.php on my main page for the domain, and then i had a subdomain that had a .com domain for my wedding website. I wonder if something happened to where the main page links somewhere. Where does it link? I see it now, has a link to my old domain, but didn't redirect, I don't use the main domain much, often subdomains, should I just have the main domain redirect to my subdomain
  6. Account Username jerrod Domain Package I believe expert I believe suspension was due to developing of site without Ads/Linkback. I had one right away before on first theme that came with wordpress, but tried with the current theme putting in footer and hadn't been able to get it to work, and messed up the page. Site hasn't been spreaded to friends and family besides my Fiance. I will add them right away if unsuspended. I think I need to make a widget to do it correctly in the footer.
  7. iPanel Username: Jerrod Domain: jerrod.vlexofree,com Package: expert I realize after dealing with college and a new job that my account has been suspended. What can I do to get it back up!? I did just renew the domain that did expire for a few days.
  8. cPanel UserName: jerrod Current Domain or Subdomain: Requested Domain: Reason for changing: Not able to axcess accounts on I have been using a domain for my main page that caused me to not notice that I couldn't access my other pages.
  9. Let me know what I haven't fixed yet. Is redirect for to fine?
  10. Broekn linkbacks to Vlexo? Could the code has changed or did I mess something up when I was editing pages? Was the broken DB on Huronshows or Judgmentday? I been having alot of problems with a DB code that was working awhile back and could never get it to work, and I should've just removed it instead of troubleshooting and failing. Empty Blog Judgment Day, for pages besides the homepage about us, and contact us? Just let me know if there is anyway to get this back up, I might just have to move my domain and judgmentday subdomain to the main page so that it is being used.
  11. iPanel Username: Jerrod Domain: Package: expert I recently noticed my account being suspended. Can you please let me know what I can do to get this fixed and what I need to do if i get unsuspended. Have been a long time member and contributor from the days of Vlexo Paid accounts.
  12. I love civilization, but I never got around to buying Civ5. Never Played Civ4, but loved Civ3 and Civ2.
  13. Should of picked up Emery agian! He was the lifeline of the Sens in the past!
  14. I guess New Jersey?
  15. The Wild are climing the rankings quick! Great play from Backstrom and Khudoben lately.