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  1. Too slow.
  2. Ah, yeah, New Zealand may be more expensive .
  3. That's completely untrue - - dual core laptop, 1GB graphics, Windows 7, 6GB RAM, 320GB HD + 64GB SSD...for under the price of your $1500 one. You can get a 1GB Celeron powered laptop for $300 or even less.
  5. Vlexo has been planning some great changes and features for you guys. In this short "August Newsletter", we'll breifly describe what we're doing! Transition to IP.Board - we've already gotten the license installed, as well as hired Invision Power Services to do the professional database move (for quality assurance) -- this way we'll know that everything went well. We feel that IP.Board and IP.Blog are better softwares for the Vlexo community and the administration has decided upon this move. Vlexo Paid Hosting 2009 - okay, so what's this you may ask? Vlexo has decided to start a new paid hosting sector to our hosting. In a few days, a new design will come up with both the current free packages and many paid packages. Some highlights of the paid packages: - Enterprise Xen VPS hosted on Quad Core hardware. - Enterprise Management Team. - Payment options such as credit card, check, and paypal. - Reseller/Shared plans hosted on dedicated blazing-fast hardware. - Dedicated Servers - get a server for your own host, personal venture, or other project with Vlexo's premier management! We manage the software, hardware, and any other parts while you run your project. We hope to have the IP.Board moved by Monday, but it should be earlier. The paid hosting sector is scheduled for release Saturday (today). Any questions? They can be directed to myself or Eli L. Thanks again for your continued support Vlexo members, and we hope you enjoy these changes. Again, all free packages will not be altered.
  6. Hi Vista07, You can PM me your account information for the config.php file (I'm guessing this is your VPS) and then your Vlexo account information (where the mySQL is hosted) -- and I'll fix the remote mySQL so it works. Thanks!
  7. For my hosting company we outsource and we do in-house as well. We have so many clients that it's really hard to pay people $10 an hour from the US or UK; so we hire some outsourcing companies to work for us. They are all RedHat Linux Certified so I think it's pretty good, and since we don't do phone support and their grammar is pretty good, it's not a bad deal especially with the low price (under a thousand ).
  8. Yes there should be. Just hop on over to and see if it works.
  9. I'm with Eli. Obama 100%. Why? Well McCain is too old. He may die in office after the first year, and probably just continue this war. Obama may actually show some CHANGE for once..
  10. Vista is fine for me. I mean it's *kinda* laggy because I have over 3/4 of my internal 160GB HD full with programs and ram-consuming data that basically lags the shit out of it But; if you have a bad computer that's not powerful with good ram then it's not reccomended. It needs power but it has nice updates. I don't see what's wrong with guys are just so into reading every registry entry of every .DLL inside Windows. Only people who are really "tech-y" think Vista is truley horribile -- It's a new style of OS so it has its bugs but it is good for ME that is. If you get BSOD's and other shit it *MAY* not be Vista but the fact that something on your computer doesn't agree with the power of Vista. BUT. In spite of Vista, I'm still leaning towards Linux. It's much safer and free, and it is nice and clean. It never lags on me, even with 256MB of ram, and I love it. So I'll stick with Linux and Vista .
  11. WiredTree isn't free backups. They do 24/7 backups, however, if anything gets "lost" and you need a restore it costs $75/hr .
  12. is $5.99 ($6). $5.89 for a .NET.
  13. Okay, topic closed to prevent more arguments in the Social Forum. Please start a new thread in "crossfire" about this. --LOCKED--
  14. This is becoming a debate of some sort. If you'd like, we could create a new thread and move your posts to the "Crossfire" forum. It started mainly about vBulletin, but has turned into a religion vs. non-religion and types, etc debate of sort. ---Please refrain from religious (debates) in the Social Forum---