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  1. Hey! Long time and no post on here, I'm wondering if anyone on here is experienced in creating/building a Habbo Retro? I've a server, and tried countless times attempting to set up a Retro but unfortunately something always fails :/ any help/assistance would be appreciation :) David
  2. I didn't notice the downtime, but thanks for the info Eli
  3. Account Type: p300 cPanel UserName: u2352125 Browser: Firefox System (Mac/Windows/Linux): Linux Nature Of Problem: Other Your Domain/Subdomain: davidgoudou.vlexofree.com Error you are Getting [if applicable]: The connection was reset Problem: I am using a T-Mobile Broadband dongle to accesss the Internet and I presume the problem is that I am behind a proxy, and I can't accesss cPanel because of that? I don't know of a solution for this. (Edit: this also happens when I try accessing FTP)
  4. Is SSH enabled for Expert? I'll look into upgrading if I can log into cPanel. It's like 3-ish in GPB
  5. On another note, sorry if this is off-topic. Do you allow rsync? I could probably use that to ssh files across and vice versa
  6. Thanks for your responce Eli, I was able to log into my account through cPanel at another location (an Apple Store in the UK) It seems there's an issue from my side, I've done a bit of Googling without success. I will try and contact T-Mobile support about this Thanks for your support and speedy reply, much appreciated
  7. Just read Jay's latest post on his blog (blog.domaintools.com) And he was speaking about the Whois Registrant Search that they recently added. http://blog.domaintools.com/2007/11/registrant-search-is-it-right-or-wrong/ To be honest i think its a privacy risk.. for example: Would it be pretty wrong if i knew how many domains you own, the registrar there with & were you live? especially if you were just a kid? :eek: Geez what is this world coming to What do you guys think of this? id very much appreciate your thoughts..
  8. Hi everyone, this is my first post in almost 21 months. A lot has changed since I joined Vlexo in early June 2007, but I can see those changes are for the best interest of Vlexo and it's clients. I'm not sure if many people will remember me, I use to be part of the Technical Support team. Vlexo also use to host many of my websites. Cutting to the chase... I'm wondering if any members who joined Vlexo back in the ol' days are still active? Post a reply or message me.
  9. Hi Eli! Life is very good, thank you. I hope life's going well with you too? Speak soon
  10. Hey River! I remember you too. It's good to hear from you, and nice to see you're active . How is everything? I'm not quite sure, but I know the team put a lot of time and effort into Vlexo.
  11. Why would you use zonedit if you're hosting your domain with Vlexo? If you do that none of the records for your domain will point to Vlexo, meaning.. Everything would phail.
  12. I'm currently working as a part time Disc Jockey, I use to stack shelves in shops but that became boring. Business is booming, so I'm back to my original Job
  13. Life in prison. It's not so bad (as one would know).. It just takes time to get used to. I'd prefer that to death
  14. Pritee plz Lulz has u guyz checkd out dis siet? learn to speak lolcat: the lolcat translator
  16. You would use something like... <? include ("includes/top.php"); ?>[/PHP]
  17. I joined Vlexo roughly a couple months after this forum was Created. For me, Vlexo has always been a joy to be apart of. I've had a whale of a time with this bunch (the Staff) and still do But unfortunately i'm not around as much as i use to be, 'coz life for me is a struggle.. Working some days and in trouble with the Law :eek: (hey I'm being honest) As far as i know, Quad had a few incidents, but all is in order now
  18. And Hi James, sorry i didn't catch here to reply earlier.. Nice to see you're still around
  19. Sorry, Vlexo does not allow usage of SSH. It's too risky, end of.
  20. Urgh for fack sake! All this staying-up-all-night is really getting to me.. Why can't i have a snooze button built in my head? Just whack it whenever i feel sleepy.. z z z z z z z
  21. Hey Vlexo and Users Now.. Today, when i checked my Server Access Logs (as i do everyday) I bumped into something strange, at first i was looking for the W3C Validator and Jigsaw Useragent but this caught my eye: - - [18/Sep/2008:14:26:50 +0100] "GET /prx1.php?hash=2AFDB50CF0A0AB95522D294B0050308D2C28CF963D60 HTTP/1.0" 404 1017 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)" It looks like the user tried to 'Get' a file or object from my Website that didn't exist? Your Thoughts? - Davey
  22. Thanks a million for clearing that up Jon. A while ago i do remember having a PHP proxy script set up on daveyonline.net A proxy-server website that lists sites may of picked up my URI etc. Phew! I was getting a little scared then hehe
  23. Ok so when i went to log into cPanel a minute ago It goes all bitchy with me. I go to check my account (quad.vlexodns.com/~davey1/) and it goes to the suspended page.. The other day i had to move my 'entire' website because All The DNS Records Had Disappeared from WHM. And i was literally thinking 'What The Hell?' And now you guys suspend my account, without any notification! How very nice!! So you suspend me for not being able to host my domain on your server because your server messed things up? That doesn't make sense. What are you guys on?
  24. I expected problems, but not like this... Having to wait over 10 hours for my account to be un-suspended.. 'Good luck with whoever you decide to go with' - i'm going back to hosting it from my home server. - Keep rockin Vlexo
  25. Iv download the rest of my files.. Feel free to do as you wish with my Account. It's no longer needed.