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  1. Account Type: Personal Free cPanel UserName: cpeter Browser: Firefox System (Mac/Windows/Linux): Windows Nature Of Problem: Changing Domain Name Current Domain or Subdomain: gtsng.netRequested Domain: churchofbiafra.org Error you are Getting [if applicable]: Problem: There is something wrong with my domain name. I created another one "churchofbiafra.org". Thanks.
  2. Thanks so much! It's working fine now.
  3. Account Plan: Personal cPanel UserName: cpeter Your Domain or Subdomain: unibiz.tk Browser: FireFox System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC Nature Of Problem: Changing domain name Error you are Getting: none Problem: Please can you change my primary domain name to gtsng.net? Thanks
  4. I congratulate your tenacity. Keep up the good work.
  5. My account got suspended today. Domain:unibiz.co.cc which I've changed to unibiz.tk Thanks in advance.
  6. You are right Eli! I have deleted the error log and everything is fine now. Vlexofree is great! Thanks again Eli.
  7. I'm sorry for not using the template in the first place. Account type: Personal 300 cPanel UserName: cpeter Browser: Mozilla Firefox System: Windows Nature of problem: Disk space usage shows 300.03/300 MB but my entire file is less than 1MB Domain: unibiz.co.cc I get this error: This account has reached its disk usage quota Problem: I cannot upload any file. The name of the folder is 'php'. Thanks Eli
  8. I have been getting a warning that my account has reached it's disk usage quota since last week. I have checked my disk space usage in cpanel and I discovered that I particular folder is 296MB but when I went to check out this folder, I found that it's less than 10KB in size. At first I thought that this will correct it's self but it has lingered on. Please I need help. Thanks