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  1. That's for sure!
  2. I have mixed feelings about this. Free hosting is cool but you can't be free forever. You spent a lot of money every month to host people (with all respect!) but can this go on for a long time?
  3. $1000 is the much for a free host. By the way that $1000 would look after some months old. Better 2 x $500 in a year (every six months a new one) then 1 time $1000 for one year (one template/yr)
  4. Indeed this is a very good and honest review. I can only say thank you!
  5. Looks nice, but I think I will not participate! Sorry!
  6. Afcourse not, I just knew he would return!
  7. I think we are all glad you're back Jon, in the time you was away, I returned
  8. Very nice. I realy like the butterfly page :angel
  9. However the page cannot be found anymore, although I'm interested...
  10. I like . net most! .com => if you go for a commercial site.
  11. Thanks, but I need more people. Do you know people that wanna join the team?
  12. I just got one PM ...
  13. Hii, There are probably some people that can work/program in C++ If you can program in C++ and wanna join the team please PM me with [TEAM] title. Tell in that PM how many weeks/months/years you have experience with that language, what you created before and so on. Because I just started with C++, it's difficult to create big and difficult stuff, but I hope there are some experienced members in the team. We will create stuff like little benchmarks, objects (cubes, wheel, boxes, ...) and if we have enough experience I would make a "game engine". I know what you think. I also know that's impossable to make a complete game engine. But with I mean is to create a little program where you can tests your PC (benchmark) and create triangles or more complex things that can move with the arrow keys (or others). So it would be a very simple engine in C++. I know this is hard, but I want to try this. I do this because this can be the cause to study for program languages (probably with design). I hope some people join the team. Thanks.
  14. I think you can close this topic. But I've idea thanks to this thread! (See staff forum)
  15. I can't talk Vietnamese but I think tai means accident (?) also host is pronounced. So I think he wants to say something about the downtime. :confused: Anyway he have to talk English.