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  1. Sorrry ive not been active me and my Team have been so busy with our stuff on the forums Feel free to view and join the forums
  2. oh ok Thanks anyway
  3. Thanks But wat was the Probs?
  4. im all im seeing is this for my friend that im hosting Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel? and WHM™ Server Its annoying him he has Deleted all the Index.html files and its still there !!! Linkage:
  5. Damn Thanks a lot!
  6. Is it Possible to host a Dedicated Game Server as i need one for my Fan site we are Becoming active and we need a Gaming Server so i would like some Help Thanks PS: could some activate Shell Accsess for my site please?
  7. Thanks (Man wat a long time i was Waiting for ages or someone to reply)
  8. Full Name: Patrick Jr Caulton Age:16 My Domain: Duration of being with Vlexo: 1 Month Email: : : Dear Vlexo, Your service as always impressed me, I really love your Services I never would of thought i would EVER get a Reseller in my LIFE!!! I know I’ve only been a member for only a Month Things can always change i know you have been having Downtimes witch don’t really bother me . I think the GREAT free hosting makes up for it i really really hope to stay being a member of Vlexo for a long long time lol but i will not pay for the Paid hosting even though it as Better Services . Thanks for all the members and staff that have helped me within the time I’ve been with Vlexo. (Word count:116) Im sorry for my Review being small i don’t like typing much Rating: 8.5/10 Review by Grimmy of
  9. LOL thats so funny But you did Read wrong its worth The estimated value of is: $200
  10. Why do i see this when i go on my website:( i can still login the cpanel if u needed to know Thanks for any help in advance
  11. Alll i can say is 0_0 i really want to be staff
  12. I wanna be Staff :cry: lol Please i will work hard:(
  13. oh ok Jonathan J
  14. I ment your new Names