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  1. Hi Eli, Thank you for the answer! I did a recheck again and I have the same settings. Any idea what I could try?
  2. Account Plan: Expert Free cPanel UserName: infin1ty Your Domain or Subdomain: Browser: chrome System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC Nature Of Problem: Other Error you are Getting [If applicable]: Connection timeout Problem: When im trying to set up an email client (Thunderbird) with the settings from here i get the error above. Any idea what could be wrong? It worked perfectly in the past
  3. Hi Eli, I have changed my domain name as it appears that the address doesn't work anymore. My new domain name is Do i have to do something now? I already put in the DNS servers in the control panel of Kind regards, Geoffrey
  4. Account Username: Infin1ty Domain: Package: Free Expert Hi, My account was suspended. Please let me know what I need to change in order for it to be reactivated again. Thanks, Geoffrey
  5. Hello Eli, Do i just fill in the nameserver? Will this suffice? Thanks! Kind regards, Geoffrey
  6. Dear all, I wanted to go to my website a couple of minutes ago and it seems to have disapeared, if you follow my link it gets changed to I tried to login into my cpanel but that doesn't work either. Could you check out what happened? Kind regards, Geoffrey
  7. Thanks man appreciated
  8. Ah no thx mate i allready made one but thx for asking
  9. cPanel UserName:infin1ty Current Domain or Requested Reason for changing:want to get rid of the
  10. Everything should be ok now, i guess it got deleted with updating my theme If something still isn't good let me know.
  11. K i'll add them ASAP.
  12. Hello, I would like to know why my account was suspended? iPanel Username: infin1ty Domain: Package: Expert 2000