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  1. It was a huge requests from Russia and eastern Europe countries. I attached a printscreen of them I raised my security to high and put captcha challenges to those countries Hope that help. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks Eli
  2. That is login script of joomla. It seems to be brutal force attack. One last thing are there specific IPs or countries i can block ?
  3. The caching is already activated. Beside that i have not added any new elements to the website ,maybe, since April. I am with the idea of being under attack. Would you tell me if there are specific pages or scripts intensively requested? Thanks Eli and sorry for the inconvenience
  4. Hi Eli My account is suspended again. Is it the same attack ? Is there something i can do to prevent it? I have activated cloudflare under attack mode. Hope this help
  5. Hi Eli My account is suspended again. Is it the same attack ? Is there something i can do to prevent it? I set up the name servers to cloudflare
  6. Thanks Eli , I think CLoudflare is not that good to defend against DDOs . It shows only bad browser type of threats .
  7. Hi guys My Account has been suspended. My cpanel username : islampha Plan : expert2000
  8. Thanks Eli
  9. Your current domain or subdomain: islamabofarha.vlexofree.comYour current cPanel Username: islamphaCurrent Plan: ad freeRequested Plan: expert2000Do you have the ads and linkback on your pages?: yesWhy do you need an account upgrade/downgrade?: financial problems
  10. Hi everyone , I wrote a review about Vlexofree services as a reliable free webhosting service from my experience . Hope you like the article
  11. Worked !!
  12. me too !!
  13. Thanks Eli. Much appreciated
  14. I've gotten to myself a new .net website. I have vlexofree subdomain and i was working with .tk domains. Google neglect .tk domain and show the subdomain results. If i parked the new domain and make 301 redirect on the two others , will google will skow my new domain instead of the results of the subdomain ? Thanks friends for the great support
  15. Done Thanks Sharad and Eli