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  1. Wow, thanks for the fast & super helpful response! I greatly appreciate it. The page loads now, and I'll let the devs know.
  2. Account Plan: Expert 2000 AdFree cPanel UserName: preserve Browser: Firefox 39.0.3, same error on Chrome, IE, and Safari System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC Nature Of Problem: Server Error Error you are Getting [if applicable]: The connection was reset / ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Problem: I've got a fresh WordPress install using a purchased third-party theme. With a particular add-on enabled, I'm unable to load a specific page in the WordPress admin area ("Add New Page"). This seems like it may be a php timeout issue; the error returned is "The connection was reset" (Firefox) or "No data received / ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE" (Chrome). I've also contacted the theme/plugin developers, but so far they haven't identified the problem. Is there anything else you could tell me about this issue? There's no record of it in my cpanel logs. Is there a security setting that could be causing the timeout? Thanks for anything you could tell me.
  3. The shopping cart info is saved in a cookie as a JSON string. Right now, the redirect error only occurs if more than one product is in the shopping cart, which means that the content of the string must be triggering a security rule. It also seems to be trying to redirect back to the site's root directory.
  4. Another update: I'm now getting the same redirect error. Can you confirm that this is a problem on your end and not mine?
  5. Update: It's working again. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I just cleared my cookies and tried again, but I get the same error as before.
  7. Account Plan: Expert 2000 AdFree cPanel UserName: preserve Browser: Firefox 35.0.1, same error on Chrome 40, IE, and Safari System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC Nature Of Problem: PHP Error you are Getting [if applicable]: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Problem: I've got a simple, built-from-scratch, cookie-based shopping cart system on my site. The site works fine when you don't have anything in your cart, but when there is anything in the cart, every page returns ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. This started today, or possibly yesterday, but not earlier. I've made some changes to unrelated things in the code lately, but I'm not doing any weird redirects, so I can't understand why I would have this issue. More importantly, the site is working 100% fine on my local copy, so I don't understand what's going wrong with the live version. (I've used FireFTP to sync, so the copies should be identical). There is nothing about this in my cPanel error logs. I've tried deleting the site's .htaccess files as well as a couple other minor things, but nothing I've done has worked. Is this a server problem? Please advise!
  8. Thanks, I appreciate your help! Problem solved.
  9. Account Plan: Expert 2000 AdFree cPanel UserName: unknown Your Domain or Subdomain: (====) Browser: Firefox System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC Nature Of Problem: Cpanel Error you are Getting [If applicable]: wrong login info Problem: I'm trying to set up my friend's website. She just signed up for her own Ad-Free Vlexo account, but she doesn't seem to know her Cpanel login info. The username she sent me is for the Member Area (====). Would you be able to message me with that account's Cpanel login, or if you can't do that, could you just send that info to her email address? Thanks! (The info I used above is from her account, not mine.) Also, I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I try to login to the Member Area (with either my credentials or hers), I get a blank pop-up box and the login fails.
  10. Resolved, thanks.
  11. Thanks! Unfortunately I'm still not having any luck - I usually login to the members area with my email address. I tried that as my username, as well as any other username I could think of, but none of them seem to be working. (The password reset also only works with your username.) Is there a way I could retrieve just my username for this?
  12. Account Plan: Expert Ad-Free cPanel UserName: preserve Browser: Firefox 23.0.1 System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC Nature Of Problem: Member Login Error you are Getting: "Email not found in our database" Problem: I'm trying to login into the Vlexofree members area to pay my monthly invoice. However, the links from the reminder email seem to be broken. When I access the "Members Login" from the Vlexofree homepage, it says my credentials aren't recognized. I tried to reset my password, but my email address returned the error I mentioned above ("Email not found in our database"). How can I proceed? Thanks.
  13. Thanks, it worked with "php -q /home/preserve/public_html/[filename].php". The problem was with the time zone after all.
  14. Also, what time zone are the cron job times performed in? PHP claims the server time is UTC.
  15. Thanks. Would that be with or without a "-q" or "-f"?