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  1. I'm planning on use a Rails application in the near future. Would it be more interesting to uninstall wordpress? would it solve the problem? Because I'm not going to use my previous data from wp anyway. Is a whole different project, but I need my domain now for a landing page, even If I have to install wp again for a little while.
  2. I changed my wp-config.php as instructed, and the result was the same. After googling it, I added define( 'NOBLOGREDIRECT', 'http://contratocerto.com' ); Now, I have a 310 error too many redirects. Don't know what to change anymore.
  3. I followed the codex info, and since I use multisite I changed my domain info using the phpmyadmin method described there. Although, the same error still occurs. I don't get it. I even changed my subsites domains, but still nothing. Keep getting (z4media.com/wp-signup.php?new=www.contratocerto.com).
  4. Hi, unfortunately there's a little problem. When I type my new domain (contratocerto.com) it shows the old one (z4media.com) as redirecting to the new one,as follows: (z4media.com/wp-signup.php?new=www.contratocerto.com). As my old domain expired I just get a "server not found" page.Is this something I must do in the cpanel? Thanks for the help.
  5. I'm looking at it now for the first time. But I'll dig a little to see what Meteor can do. Thank's for posting though.
  6. Username: Writer Package: Expert free Domain: www.z4media.com Desired Domain: www.contratocerto.com Reason to change: Old domain expired and new domain reflects better my service. P.S. I already changed my interview, including the info on the site, and will redirect my domain to vlexofree servers as soon as possible as well. Thank's in advance.
  7. May the Vlexo be with you

  8. I didn´t create a review, but I wrote a little recommendation post on one of my blogs. Every week I write one recommendation and this time VlexoFree is highlighted! 100% Vlexo (3) The link follows for whoever want to check it out: http://tech.z4media.com/2011/11/02/precisa-de-hospedagem-gratuita-vlexofree-e-para-voce/ Obs: It´s in portuguese (but that is why Google Translator is here, right?! )
  9. Yeah, did everything just as the wiki said... One thing that could been go wrong, though, is that I made the changes in my mx records and stuff BEFORE creating the account. In that case what could/should I do?
  10. Okay, I created the account, and realized I was not recognized as it´s administrator. When I try to do the steps again so Google can verify I have access to the server, the message shown to me is not like this: But looks like this: With this result Google just can´t verify my account. Thank´s for helping
  11. Account: Expert 2000 Username: Writer Domain: z4media.com Issue: Google Apps mx and dns changes. Hi, i recently tried to create a Google Apps account, so I could customize my blog network email to email@mynetwork.com. But Google alerts for some changes, MX records and CName records (by creating custom URLs for Google account). I just want to know if it´s alowed by Vlexofree, once it involves some changes in settings. It looks quite simple, but for a newbie every little issue can become a big problem, right? So, that´s it. Can I do it, and would be a reason to worry about the difficulty? As always, thank´s!
  12. Account: Expert 2000 Username: Writer Domain: z4media.com Hi, as you know, I recently created my site network with wordpress. I followed every step of the Codex, but when i go to the superior right corner of he screen, in network admin, I get a page of my main blog and a 404 error- "Page not Found". Since I did everything "right" I don´t know what could possibly be. Could you help me, please?
  13. Great, I pulled off the codes you indicated me, and changed manually the domain within the wordpress dashboard. Appeared a message like this: I logged in again and the problem was resolved. Thank´s.
  14. Thank´s, it kind of helped, but now there´s a different issue. I can access my dashboard normally, but when i enter it is a mess, looks like those html test pages. The site is the same way. Almost sure is some mess with my files that is reflecting on the site. But since i don´t even know were to look, help me again, please.
  15. Account: Expert 2000 Username: Writer Domain: z4media.com Hi, a couple of days ago i said here i wanted to create a site network, and even asked for domain change for that. While waiting for the change be complete, i got no access to my wordpress dashboard. Now, with my domain redirected i still don´t have it. Probably because in my dashboard the domain is different (the old domain is on). Second, i saw that my network is already created, so thank you very much for that. Now i just want to know how to get my wordpress access back. Thank´s again