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  1. My account has been suspended. Can you please tell me reason for suspension? Please reply. user: classnxt domain: nxtclass.in package: Expert 2000 Thanks in advance! P. S. I will delete this account soon. So even if you can unsuspend the account for a 48hour period, it will work for me.
  2. Suspension Appeal

    Thanks! Forum removed!
  3. Suspension Appeal

    I will remove the forum. Kindly reinstate my account .
  4. Hi, My account has been suspended. Can you please tell me reason for suspension (is any) so that i might correct them. Please reply. user: classnxt domain: nxtclass.in package: Expert 2000 Thanks in advance!
  5. Domain Change Request

    thanks! And Eli could you please remove "nxtclass.tk" from the httpd.conf. I cant have it as a parked domain. It gives this error when I try to park it: "nxtclass.tk is already configured. Sorry, that domain is already setup (remove it from httpd.conf)".
  6. Domain Change Request

    extremely sorry Eli. I meant nxtclass.in. I corrected the post now.
  7. Domain Change Request

    cPanel UserName: classnxt Current Domain or Subdomain: nxtclass.tk Requested Domain: nxtclass.in Reason for changing: I need to switch to a more appropriate domain for us, the ".in". I have already purchased the requested domain and set the nameservers. Thanks in advance!
  8. Use external DNS management

    Okay, got it! Thanks Eli and Sharad!
  9. Use external DNS management

    Okay... Thanks! I guess I'll have to create NS records to Vlexofree in EntryDNS right?
  10. Vlexo Hosted Websites

    I've created an educational portal http://nxtclass.tk, hosted on Vlexofree. It is going to have notes, sample question papers, forums for students to discuss and well talk, collaborate... sort of an educational social network. Currently the content is based on Indian Educational system.. others are welcome too.. the entire content on the site is editable by any logged user. So anyone can contribute. Hope you all like it. A few content contributions will help too! PM me is you have any suggesstions or contibutions or wish to join me in this.
  11. Use external DNS management

    Account Type: Expert 2000 cPanel UserName: classnxt Browser: Firefox System (Mac/Windows/Linux): Linux Nature Of Problem: Other Your Domain/Subdomain: nxtclass.tk Error you are Getting [if applicable]: none Problem: I wish to use an external management service like EntryDNS with my Vlexofree account. So should I change the nameservers at the dot.tk registry to EntryDNS and then route it to here? How should i do it? Or should I do something else? Thanks in advance.
  12. Superb!! Thanks Eli! You are awesome man!!
  13. @shinryuurey you can use uni.me . Uni.me is free and powered by microsoft, so it will never have the same fate as co.cc/cz.cc.
  14. Yeah, things have changed. Heliohost has improved significantly. Server Downtime is very less now but often the sites take a lot of time to load up. Thats wat made me run away from it to Vlexofree.
  15. VlexoFree: Help Wanted

    I don't have strong programming skills (still a rookie) but I can help moderating this forum. I'm good at HTML5, know a bit a PHP and still learning python. Will be happy to help with the site and the guides. Just message me if you need my help.