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  1. What is your domain on the new server? Currently I can only see your account on the old server and not on the new VlexoFree one.
  2. My site was suspended

    Is there any reason why you didn't place the ads on your website, when you need that was part of the terms of us hosting your account?
  3. Unable to log-on to server

    Sometimes it takes some time for it to be updated, I have just checked and I can access all three links that you have provided. Try accessing them now and also see if you can login to your cPanel.
  4. 2 days and without APPROVAL

    Sorry, but I can't find any other posts/topics by you. Can you link to where you have made a request?
  5. Yes, that is how things are working right now. As a free host, we need to cover costs, and this is currently the best way to do that. If you wish to make a donating then use the donation link up top as that will help. Thanks
  6. The downtimes are becoming silly...

    The hardrive has already been replaced - Also, we have got a new server - as well.
  7. Live Support Chat

    This is an idea that will only work if a large amount of Support members are working on 'shifts', so there is almost always someone on. This isn't something that will work well at VlexoFree for some time to come.
  8. Requesting domain change

    Sorry this has taken so long, can I confirm that you still want your main domain changed from spraypainted.uni.cc to a2h.uni.cc?
  9. I have just checked and it just states 'Spamming'. I am assuming that you have been sending out spam from your account and that is why you were suspended. Doing that is against our TOS, so why did you do it?
  10. Did you have ads displayed on your website? Do you have any other accounts hosted with us? The chances are that you aren't displaying the correct ads or you have the same IP as another account hosted on the server.
  11. Change base domain

    Sorry about the wait, I can't changed the domain because you have already parked it. You need to remove that first and then I can change it to your root domain.
  12. Directories messed up after URL change?

    The website and forum is now fixed, the problem is that you had hotlinking enabled and that completely messed up the whole of the website. I disabled that, and now all images are appearing.
  13. Question about domains

    I corrected your post for you.
  14. [Resolved] Changing Domain Name?

    Okay that is good. Also, yes it is possible to change your username. Just post here telling us what you want it changed to.