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  1. Hi Eli, I disabled infinity scroll. Can you check and make sure everything is acceptable now or if any other changes should be made?
  2. Hi. I only have one site, and you can see the cached version right now from cloudflare that there is indeed ads/linkback. I just realized that I recently installed an infinite scroll plugin to the wordpress home page (other posts still show up as normal), so that pushed the footer really low to the end. I can move the ads up if that's the problem?
  3. Username: yifanlu Domain: yifan.lu Package: Expert 2000 Please let me know what happened to cause the suspension. Thanks.
  4. The sub domains it have are for private use/testing. If I password protect it with .htaccess, do I still need to add ads?
  5. username: yifanlu domain: http://yifan.lu/ account: free with ads I've been hosting here for years, don't know why I'm suddenly suspended. Thanks.
  6. I'm using cloudflaire which worked for the last year or so.
  7. cPanel UserName: yifanlu Browser: Chrome System (Mac/Windows/Linux): Mac Nature Of Problem: Other Your Domain/Subdomain: yifan.lu Problem: My site is redirecting to "http://yifan.lu/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi"
  8. I suffered the same thing from my site too. There is a chance that the security issue is on the hoster's side. Please see http://whmscripts.net/misc/2013/apache-symlink-security-issue-fixpatch/ I've used the latest WP version and all plugins are updated (I only use about 10 anyways). My password is secure also.