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  1. We played some games and prepare log for publication.

  2. Sorry for delaying updating. I have to prepare for an evacuation, I can be urged to evacuate because of a typhoon approaching Japan. I placed a maintenance notice on the top of my site with linkback and ad. I'm continuing operations, however I suspend the operation for committing entire updates until my safety is confirmed. I'm sorry if this will cause a lot of problems to you.
  3. Thank you for quick response. I'm updating my website to reflect current activities.
  4. My account below has been suspended. Package: Expert 2000 Domain: cdice.vlexofree.com Username: aki Sorry for the late response, because I have been under medical treatment, I couldn't check my e-mail. I'd like you to answer the following questions. 1. How is the reason for suspension? 2. Whether my account can be recovered from suspension or not? 3. If my account can be recovered, what are the terms of recovery? 4. When my account will be recovered, where do I have to be sensitive in continuing good relationship? Thank you in advance.
  5. I see. I continue to display ads and linkback on my pages as heretofore. I'll check again whether ads and linkback exist or not to keep ToS.
  6. Account Plan:Expert 2000 AdFree cPanel UserName:aki Your Domain or Subdomain:cdice.vlexofree.com Browser:Opera 12.11 System (Mac/PC/Linux):Windows7 Nature Of Problem: Other Error you are Getting [if applicable]:Human resources Problem: Dear VlexoFree administrators, I ask for changes my plan from Expert 2000 AdFree into Expert 2000, because system administrator of our site, me, is getting busy and becomes hard to maintain our site. I tried to find alternative administrator who is good at both English and Web Server, but no one has been found. So I ask for changes my plan into free one until I'll find another administrator. Thank you in advance.
  7. Our site is now on-line. We added some cool features to play JRPG during maintenance. Enjoy!

  8. Thank you, Eli L. Now I saw the difficulties to upgrade Perl into new version, cPanel is important part of vlexofree service. But there is still a hope of doing. This document may help us: http://search.cpan.o...pod#use_VERSION . This document mentions us that below code force new Perl to process scripts as it is running under Perl 5.10.x: use 5.010; You may check whether cPanel and its modules are using this manner or not by using find and grep command. % echo cPanel components specifying Perl version >> cpanelspecver.txt % date >> cpanelspecver.txt % find [cPanel root] -exec grep -0 -n -i -E '^use 5' {} \; >> cpanelspecver.txt % echo cPanel components not specifying Perl version >> cpanelnotspecver.txt % date >> cpanelnotspecver.txt % find [cPanel root] -exec grep -L -i -E '^use 5' {} \; >> cpanelnotspecver.txt % ls -l cpanel*ver.txt % more cpanelspecver.txt % more cpanelnotspecver.txt I'm not sure that cPanel authors declared 'use VERSION;' in their code, because I don't have cPanel Pro 1.0(RC1), sorry. Sorry, I'll check our oven and stove, because now I felt a quake having 3 or more in JMA scale ( I-IV in MMI).
  9. Dear vlexofree administrators, I'm almost fulfilled with your service, but I still found some issues on your script engines. I would like to suggest a way to make vlexofree services into more powerful: try to install some newer engines into tesla server for your consideration of installing them to whole servers. My suggestion is installing belows: Make experimental installation of PHP 5.3.15 and Perl 5.16.1 to tesla, both are bug-fixed version of script engines on current servers. PHP 5.3.15 prevents some segmentation faults, vulnerabilities, and overflow problems. PHP 5.3.13 prevents CGI vulnerabilities, segmentation faults, memory leaks from PHP 5.3.10, but it still has some problems can cause fatal errors. I've found rpm of PHP 5.3.15 in http://mirror.racksp...edhat/6/x86_64/ . Perl 5.16.1 provides backward compatibility feature, it has a switch to disable all newer features that script writer do not want, it can emulate any version of Perl. It also supports Unicode 6.1 for internationalized character set, using many pictograms, and emojis. This change can reduce inquiries of 500 caused by treatment of non-ascii characters, Perl 5.10.1 has some critical bugs on utf8_heavy.pl library, so it can easily involve fatal errors for i18n CGIs. Perl 5.10.1 is better choice, but Perl 5.16.1 has additional virtue to try. Only problem is that Perl 5.16.1 does not have rpm package for CentOS, Perl official shows installing them by make: http://search.cpan.o...-5.16.1/INSTALL . Please let me know if you need any help with anything. Let me give you a hand, except night in Japan: 12:00-23:00 GMT (05:00-15:00 PDT, 04:00-14:00 PST, 21:00-08:00 JST). Sincerely,
  10. This is a topic about i18n Perl scrypt. Some version of Perl have a problem to treat UTF-8 characterset. You may see following error when you use utf8 and Encode.pm. Compilation error at /usr/share/perl5/utf8_heavy.pl line 198. This is caused by a bug of Perl 5.10.0. During Perl processes UTF-8 variables, it may use utf8_heavy.pl library, but this version of utf8_heavy.pl has a problem, $@ special variable is not localized to this library, so it can involve a fatal error on execution. This issue was reported by Salvador Ortiz Garcia at September 15, 2009, but there are lots of distributions using Perl package having this problem...
  11. Let me point out that following note is not an issue which is not tightly coupled with Perl, it is a reminder to use CGI on linux server. #!/usr/local/bin/perl print('Hello world!'); It can cause shell error, because a text editor running on Windows or Macintosh may use CR+LF or CR to change line, instead of LF, the UNIX manner. UNIX shell maybe confused by control code CR(Ctrl-M, ^M, 0x0D, ...). If you see an error 500 during test of your CGI script, try to replace CR and CR+LF into LF!
  12. Hello! Perl has long history as a script language for CGI. Some people say that "Perl gives us freedom." and others say that "Perl is too free to do something.". I like free Perl, so let's enjoy free conversations about Perl!
  13. If he knows that the student's words can deny both arguments of the professor's words and the student's faith itself at once, he may have touched this "unfathomable" thought. A denial maybe only a denial, it seems that a denial can not prove anything more than there is that denial. So I'm hard to say that there is the God or not, I can say only both of them seem to be hard for me. I'm not certain that it is sure that there is this topic, it maybe certain that I think I'm reading such a topic, so I'm posting it.
  14. Wow! I'm go fan, too. I know some sites about go tutorial and studies. I hope these infos may help you and improving your go site. The Interactive Way To Go (This is a tutorial with interactive small boards. English.) http://playgo.to/iwtg/en/ GoodShape - Game record viewer applet (This is a free Java applet to show moves or problems). http://playgo.to/gs/about.html ^ ^
  15. Thank you, Eli L! I've succeeded to make a ssh connection with Japanized PuTTy based on PuTTy 0.60, right now. And I also found that the ssh enables me to violate our TOS by an operation mistake. So I'll use it very carefully and when I make a mistake, please notice me before giving permanent ban. Thank you for your kind and quick supports.