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  1. Okay it's cool, thanks so much for all your help ... so far so good! One thing though. When I extracted the public_html folder, there was a .htaccess file included inside it. When I upload all the files into the public_html folder on my Vlexo account, should I upload this file as well? Thanks.
  2. Wow really?! Cheers. I just have two more questions ... sorry. First of all, how do I extract the full backup? And secondly, will everything be exactly the same as it was before? Thanks.
  3. Well basically, on my previous host, I went to my cPanel -> Backups -> and downloaded a Full Backup. However, on my Vlexo hosting account, when I go to my cPanel -> Backups, I am not able to restore this Full Backup. I am wondering, therefore, if one of the administrators can do it for me please. Thank you.
  4. Hey everyone ... here's my first query that I would really appreciate some help with. Thing is, before my previous host shut down, I managed to save a full backup (also with cPanel). Unfortunately, I'm not able to restore this full backup via my cPanel on my Vlexo account. I was wondering if, if I sent it to one of the admins, you would be able to restore it for me? Cheers
  5. Hey everyone. I'm a newbie and I basically found this site from literally hours of searching! To tell the truth I'm stunned by the hosting features on offer here ... you offer so much stuff that other hosts don't, which is quite amazing. This isn't the first site I will be making. I've had the worst luck with web hosts in the past and I'm sure this one will be better. My first host sucked ... my second host shut down ... my third site got hacked ... and my last host no longer offered free hosting. Five time lucky hopefully! Anywayz, I hope I have a really fun time here. Laterz people