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  1. Really long post. I'll read it when I get home. Welcome to the forums!
  2. Hey Jonathan, welcome back

  3. Looks nice. I like your portfolio page with those radio buttons. I reckon you could go out with that website and advertise your services pretty decently if you go on the right forums! Good luck.
  4. So if you could own any domain name, what would it be and why? - I would like to create a image host with and with a name like that it would rank well in the search engines. - I just like the name and would likely create a website about apples. - Would make a review website, reviewing web hosts. (Something like webhostingstuff/free-webhosts etc) - Would use this as my custom blog website, what an awesome name that would be.
  5. Actually it would depend how large that pack of C4 was. (I.e. if you were only using 1 pound of C4 it wouldn't do too much) Just sayin'.
  6. Awesome testimonial. Thanks for posting that. Even though I have spent a crap load of money on keep Vlexo running and a lot of time getting the money to pay for it, these testimonials make it worth it.
  7. Like Eli said we tried chat support and it didn't really take off. People weren't asking questions or even using the chat support and because there were sew few who were using the chat support, we decided to get rid of it. (How many times did I say 'chat support'? ) IRC sounds good, if anyone uses it? I remember we tried or setup one of these some time ago (Probably a year and a half ago) and just like the chat support (I said it again), no one used it, and in the end it came redundant.
  8. I have been watching the news recently and all I can hear about (In the UK) is about the terrorist plot to blow up a US passenger jet, right on Christmas day I believe. I understand perhaps attacking the politicians who enact rules over other countries being targets, but never should there be civilians targeted. Though I guess these guys are just after revenge after what has happened over the years in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have no respect for these people at-all, I also do not know what goes on in their minds when they think blowing up a plane full of innocent civilians is going to get them their 72 Virgins. Meh.
  9. Okay. So I didn't spend all my money. I would get an iPhone 3GS, just because of it's internet capabilities and music/film capabilities. I would also purchase a high-end dual core laptop with 4gbs of RAM and latest graphics card (ATI)..
  10. Eli have you checked it in Safari?
  11. Have a happy Christmas everyone. (Still 3 more hours for people in the UK until it's the 25th) Hopefully I'll be able to have a good one.
  12. You are joking :D YO! How are you mate. How have you been?