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  1. Most pay hostings are around 4-5 a month, which is 50-60 a year. Below that there is free hosting which is 0 a year. That leaves a big step between 0 and 50 a year. Free hosting is inadequate for many, but $50 worth of services may more than they need. What some people may want is a little better than free, cheap hosting. Say if you just want perl, python, sql, and a host that isn't sketchy or will dissappear later, but you don't need 12gb and 300 emails. A $5, $10, $20 a year plan would fill the gap between free and $50. Maybe a free, but extremely limited account, and then you could buy upgrades like a chunk of disk space, more bandwidth, cpu etc... for a small fee. Maybe an "almost free" plan with $2 signup fee. No one does this, so there's probably a reason for it.
  2. Maybe you could have a thread where people post and pick a number. The winner has to make a 10 donation. Or you could have a metered hosting plan. Using bandwidth and disk scores points which buy more lottery tickets. Monthly lottery winners give a donation.
  3. "The Website is Down" series on youtube Definitely worth watching. 3,103 likes, 32 dislikes 32min total