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  1. Hey, I'm am ready to be moved to the new system. My initial account was Titanium. but I have cut back and now qualify for the Expert 2000 plan. Username: mmedia Main Site: http://www.drwatz0n.com Domain on File: http://www.faloupoo.com
  2. It says my account is suspended.
  3. I'd love to do that, except I cannot log in to remove subdomains and the like...
  4. Hi, Earlier today I was unable to log into my Vlexo Free hosting account on cPanel. So, I just assumed that the password I was using wasn't correct, so I performed a "Password Reset". Unfortunately, I never got the email, I am guessing due to the fact that the email that was on file was from an expired domain, even though I could have sworn I changed the email to a Gmail one. I am unsure how to continue. I am assuming that an Admin could change the password back and allow me to log in again. User: mmedia Email: connormw [at] gmail.com If you need any sort of ownership authentication, feel free to PM and I will change something on the domain WHOIS or whatever you need.
  5. Many thanks =D
  6. 1. If possible, Faloupoo.com 2. Seeing as though the forums are the major issue now, just delete the whole directory. I don't know why it was on there, but it's my responsibility, so since it's the hold up I really don't care about it.
  7. 1. Yes, I know. I gave up on that domain after it expired back in August. I've been using my two other domain names (Faloupoo.com and DrWatz0n.com) as my main ones. 2. I was? I'm not attempting to play dumb I just never remember placing it on a web server. I had one running locally on my system for software development, but I never remember putting it online. What directory is it located in?
  8. I noticed today that my web site(s) have been suspended. Username: mmedia Domain Name: maskedmedia.com Please inform me on the reasoning and I will rectify the issues as soon as possible.
  9. working the Faloupoo Store.

  10. For years now (coming from a 17 year old so it was definitely odd going back ten or so years), I have always questioned why people believe that God created everything. I understand that people believe in various sets of thoughts and ideas, but as someone who is (although it's turning into was) a member of the Catholic church, I always questioned this. My reasoning is this: if God created everything (the universe, earth, animals, life as we know it basically), then who created God? Was there nothing (which is impossible to imagine in itself), and then this being randomly formed with these thoughts and created it all? As such, I firmly believe in evolution, though as to the creation of the universe as a whole, I still ponder that. That being said, I have more earthly matters to pay attention to then to wonder how everything came to be.
  11. Valkyrie was pretty good, I'm just not a big Tom Cruise fan.
  12. I've never setup Drupal, but some of the basic settings for MySQL-capable applications are as follows: Host/IP: localhost Username: kareems_kareem Password: *password* Database: kareems_drupal Try localhost for the IP, if it accepts it.
  13. I believe on of the Staff members mentioned that current accounts will not change, so I assume that means no posting for hosting on existing accounts. That being said, I may have interpreted that wrong and I may be incorrect.
  14. Full time student (high school). Should get a job soon, seeing as though I have about $5 in my wallet right now...
  15. For me, it's http://www.maskedmedia.com/cpanel. I would assume that you could use your domain name (http://[subdomain].vlexo.net) with /cpanel after it.