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  1. Thanks Shikhir, but I dont think I have the time right now to keep my website running, I will have more time next year for sure. Thats why I havnt been on here much. But thanks all you guys, this was probly my best host Iv ever had!
  2. Thanks Ill tell him he needs the code to continue. Ahh I see well I may be back next year, until then Goodbye everyone!
  3. Hello Dan here is offcially said goodbye to Vlexo. My domain has expired and I will probly not renew it until next year. Vlexo had great hosting the last few months I was here. Although I would please ask why they terminated chaoshour.net? I was hosting this site for someone and would ask if you could please create a seperate account for them. Thanks Vlexo and their staff again for hosting my site, I might come back next year. Dan
  4. The downtime is starting to get worse every day...I hope this is fixed soon.
  5. They must do updates every Friday night..
  6. Ok thanks thats fine I thought the users in your whm take from those numbers but I guess they do not.
  7. domain: lpsoft.info username: lpsoft Thanks
  8. It should be and when I try to login at that link it does not work.
  9. Im having problems logging into WHM, it dosnt seem to show up in my cpanel. Some help please? Thanks
  10. Nice work this will be great for all of our Austrilan customers who can't afford a domain
  11. I didnt know that exact time but missed it ill wait till next January for the next one.
  12. Great job! Vlexo is now offering paid hosting finally!
  13. I actually use AIM the most because I have a personal client that load 1000% faster then both the regular aim cliant and msn.
  14. Same, we had a huge storm and it was just too cloudy
  15. Nice site the colors are really cool. Good job