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  1. btalunch Expert Ad-Free Hi, My bill was overdue but I paid it earlier today. Could you please unsuspend my account? Thanks! Beccah F.
  2. Hi Eli, is there any way you could just put the site back up, since it's clearly related to the brute force attacks in august and not my fault?
  3. Site's down again - bandwidth limit exceeded, I guess still due to these attacks? Do I have any options here? Getting fed up!
  4. btalunch Expert Ad-Free My account is suspended again. I got a notice yesterday saying that I was in danger of reaching my bandwith limit. It this why it was suspended? If so, please unsuspend it so that I can log into cpanel and see why this might be the case! Cheers, Beccah F.
  5. Thanks Eli, I've installed the Cerber limit logins plugin to try to help prevent the attacks! Cheers, Beccah
  6. btalunch Expert Ad-Free I received an email from Eli asking me to update Wordpress due to brute force attacks, which I did promptly. My account was then suspended. Not sure why! Cheers, Beccah F.
  7. Thanks!
  8. I'm not running Google Apps -- just using Roundcube webmail -- and none of my emails are being sent or received. I tried lots of test emails. Whe I try tracking them using the tool on cpanel, the emails just don't seem to exist! Looks like there was a similar problem a month ago that Eli resolved. Any idea what the issue was?
  9. I have the same problem! Account Plan: Free cPanel UserName: btalunch Your Domain or Subdomain: Browser: Firefox System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC Nature Of Problem: Email accounts cannot send or receive emails Error you are Getting: none.
  10. Account Type: Personal 300 cPanel UserName: btalunch Browser: Firefox System (Mac/Windows/Linux): Windows Nature Of Problem: Cannot send emails from Vlexo email address through Gmail using SMTP Your Domain/Subdomain: Error you are Getting [if applicable]: Delivery Status Notification (Delay) / Delivery Status Notification (Failure) Problem: I was using Gmail and SMTP to send email from my Vlexo email account ( successfully for a long time. On Oct 11th, I received my first "Delivery Status Notification (Delay)" from, and then an eventual failure message. Now I get these messages every time I send an email from that address through gmail. [i seem to be receiving all of my emails, as far as I can tell.] The mailer daemon messages also contain these errors: I tried deleting the SMTP connection in gmail and then re-adding it, using the mail configuration information from cPanel. Trying to do so gives me the following error: "Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later, or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information." I don't seem to have any problem sending or receiving email from this account using Roundcube. However, switching to Roundcube from Gmail will be a problem, since I have everything set up in Gmail. I don't think anyone else using a Vlexo email address from my account is using SMTP through gmail. Thanks for your help.
  11. Using POP3, following the "manual settings" guidelines on cpanel for configuring an email client as follows: Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended) Username: Password: Use the email account’s password. Incoming Server: IMAP: Port 993 POP3: Port 995 Outgoing Server: SMTP: Port 465 Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP. The authentication worked fine when I set it up, but now if I try to change it (for e.g. to try out the non-SSL settings), I get error messages about the server not responding quickly enough/timing out.
  12. Account Plan: Personal cPanel UserName: btalunch Your Domain or Subdomain: Browser: Firefox System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC Nature Of Problem: Other (Email server issues) Error you are Getting [If applicable]: Technical details of temporary failure: The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at [(0) []:465: Connection timed out] Problem: I've configured a gmail account to be able to send and receive emails from my * addresses (using SSL), but I'm having repeated trouble with the server timing out, such that I cannot send emails from gmail without them being delayed by days. Is there a way to fix this? I tried to change over to non-SSL settings to try that, but the time-outs are preventing me from doing even that. Thanks for your help! -Beccah
  13. Thanks so much!
  14. cPanel UserName: btalunch Current Domain or Subdomain: Requested Domain: Reason for changing: We need to switch to a more appropriate domain for us, the ".org" and we accidentaly let our ".tk" domain expire and its purchase cost is now too high for us. We have already purchased the requested domain and set the nameservers. Thanks
  15. I work for a non-profit, organizing after-school cooking workshops for kids!