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  1. I really appreciate your work System Sneaker but I see some difficulties especially as older sites usually do not use their vlexo domain (or simply place a place holder there). Regards Jan
  2. I suggest we stay with the stable release, because the new features are not that important for most users.
  3. Good morning guys !

  4. I just marked the thread as resolved !
  5. You killed all my wordpress blogs ... . just to name a few examples: http://orange.xitre.com/wp-admin http://blog.jan-janssen.com/wp-admin http://xitre.com
  6. As the issue is resolved I am going to close this thread !
  7. As the request is resolved I am going to close this ticket now.
  8. All is working again, so I am going to mark this thread as resolved !
  9. Oh, yes you are right the time is not configured correctly, we are going to change that as fast as possible.
  10. Ok, I am going to close this thread as the question is answered successful. For further questions feel free to open a new thread.
  11. I am going to close this thread as the issue seems to be solved. If you should be facing any further issues with our ads or anything else feel free to open a new ticket.
  12. I guess it is his mobile, at least I hope Matty has a more powerful connection as well.
  13. is it about your domain jacksite.co.cc or do you have one of those .nl domains as I remember we had some trouble with those.
  14. I thought I had replied to this thread already: I am interested as well and by the way the video is not loading for me.
  15. I had an similar issue just some minutes ago, but as cPanel was working for me I was able to restart apache and for now everything seems to be working fine.