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  1. Genesis ftw =).
  2. Welcome to the forum =).
  3. I mainly just want to get it cause I'm too cheap to pay for online games every month,like some consoles have.
  4. Three girls were stuck on a island,and when calling for help found a lamp in the middle of the ocean.When they rubbed the lamp a person came out then said "I will grant all three of you one wish each".The first girl wished to be back in France,and back sleeping.Next the second girl wished to go back to Korea,and be rich.Last girl wished for her friends back lol! .I made this joke up.
  5. Mine would have to be the Wii,and you get to go online for some games free =).Trying to still save up for it.
  6. Hi

    Cool website,I really like this sites skins though cause my favorite color is blue .