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  1. Yes I do, Nothing important is sent to the site right now, and Cpanel is prohibiting me from installing Fatastico Apps since it still detects them even though they are removed completely using the Fantastico Panel. So in short yes.
  2. Alright here is the last machine I built System Specs EVGA nForce 750i SLi FTW Board Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Stock 3.0ghz oc'ed to 4.05 on air and stable 2x nVidia 9800 GTX+ OC'ed 650 GB WD Sata Drive 8GB Kingston HyperX Gaming Ram @ 1066 DDR2 2x SATA DVD-RW 1 Case 1000w Corsair PSU 1 320 WD Sata Laptop HD + External Drive Case There is something I am missing, I am running Win7RC1 Ultimate. Price $1,475 shipped US, last dec (it was my early xmas gift)
  3. Well here is mine, 1920x1080 Res, Simple and it looks good on my HD TV
  4. Alright the title states it all. I am in the process of redoing my site completely and some files / fantastico is giving me issues. SO I kindly request that I have my Cpanel & hosting account completely reset and all data removed. Anyways my info Account Type: Titanium cPanel UserName: jonwebv Browser: n/i System (Mac/PC/Linux): n/i Nature Of Problem: Cpanel Your Domain/Subdomain: Error you are Getting [if applicable]: n/i Problem: refer above
  5. Okay First thing first, I use CodeIgniter for a PHP Frame work And I have it utilizing subdomains ci -> hxxp:// = public_html/subs/ci for codeigniter root. apps -> hxxp:// = public_html/subs/apps for my applications directory static , and java all using similar lay out. First thing first, if the server was causing pure 500's then my site wouldn't work at all! As most of the content that it reads is in static. And if static is 500 then my site would be down. I've noticed that since my mod_rewrite is dead is when I started noticing that my java script (java directory) isn't loading as well. So all my web2.0 enhancements wont work. I've Chmoded all my files in java directory to 755 and it still throws a 500 INS Error. And that F.A.Q. Linked in a post about installing suPHP and what not is useless as it appears to me to be more for the PHP.INI file and not mod_rewrite. So Any opinions on how to get rid of the 500 INS errors and fix mod_rewrite? So if I add this -> RewriteEngine on RewriteCond $1 !^(index.php|images|robots.txt) RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php/$1 [L] I get 500 INS errors and my site dies, remove it and it works again. and i have this at the top of my .htaccess file suPHP_ConfigPath /home/jonwebv/public_html
  6. Okay I don't know if you are still looking or not, but for PAID I love really cheap but the kick a$$ service. for free I love vlexo. So when I get some money enough to buy a new domain and atleast a years worth of hosting I will go back to TCH. The plan I was on was something like 2-3 gigs of disk space 100 or so gigs of transfer, unlimited everything (subs, emails, ftp, databases, etc) all for a reasonable price. the also offer a plan lower than that too.
  7. Okay, to revive an old thread but. Is mod_rewrite on for the Quad Server? as there is no indication on the phpinfo file i put in on my site. I put this in RewriteEngine on RewriteCond $1 !^(index.php|robots.txt) RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php/$1 [L] into my .htaccess file and all it does is load my index page and doesn't clean up my links so they work. if I manually do index.php/welcome/guides it works (codeigniter no index.php?c=welcome&&m=guides type deal. So semi clean URL's but I am trying to get it with out the index.php so welcome/guides will load the same page and what not
  8. May I suggest starting to do backups on your databases? So IF they do get removed you can restore from a backup. You are backing up the databases and your site right?
  9. i think it defualts to 99 when the webserver writes the files for you and does not loggin via ftp to use your username and password to write the files as you. IIRC 99 is the nobody account
  10. Ah. that explains more now
  11. I have noticed that in the past few days MySQL has gone down at least once a day This happend on my site and a friends site where the DB is not avalible and the site dont work. Then a few hours later it is restarted and working correctly. The other thing I noticed is that Cpanel slows down to a crawl when the MySQL db server is offline. I mean pages time out, or 28.8k dialup speed page loads (1-10mins) Account Type: Free cPanel UserName: jonwebv Browser: IE7 , Firefox 2.012 System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC - Windows XP sp2 & Windows 2003 Server Nature Of Problem: Cpanel/FTP/Database/PHP/Other Your Domain/Subdomain: Error you are Getting [if applicable]: SEE ABOVE Problem: SEE ABOVE
  12. So in reguards to the new "free" plans are you gonna be able to grandfather in previous free clients keep the same quotas and new clients get the new quotas. Then if the grandfathered client leaves and comes back gets the new quotas? And if not how much of a change should we expect. You guys offer a great service for the price you guys want (ads) I would be very disappointed if I logged in one day and noticed over a 35% drop in quotas for Bandwidth, Disk Space, Mysql Databases, FTP accounts, mail accounts, sub domains, and other quotable items. but the changes sound good. Me personally prefer IPB for forum software very scalable and easy to manage and use. When I tried Vb it was too complicated in the Admin Panel, and the Mod CP just looked crazy. I mean you need a PhD in order to use Vb to its fullest capabilities.
  13. I found that (this takes more space!) is that you can rename the directory which the owner of which is 99 and download the contents of the orginal direcorty then reupload them to the new directory for example login to ftp, download for ex com_fireboard then rename to com_fireboard1, after that create new directory called com_fireboard ands reupload the contents and it will set the owner as you. The bad thing is that it uses up more space but it is a somewhat quick and easy fix if the admin isn't arround to change ownership for you
  14. How would i go about using my newly acquired domain name with my vlexo free hosting account? What would the name servers, and what would i need to provide to get my domain name changed from the sub domain to my new domain name?
  15. Sweet deal, Thanks Man, took some doing to get the promo to go through right And I ended up calling them to get it to go through and they misspelled my domain name but i will deal, cant argue with free