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  1. Does Vlexo have a future?

  2. is it possible to install ghost cms on vlexofree hosting? @Eli L
  3. PHP 7.0 is about twice as fast as the previous PHP 5.6 Any chance of upgrade? I don't see Multiphp link anywhere.
  4. Thank you very much. Great support, once again. :)
  5. Every day is a gift.
    That you can not give back. 

  6. site: link: cpanel user: ameoDays ago I've noticed that all my posts are missing on symphony cms, even though post titles are still there. So, investigating what happened I've logged in in cpanel-phpmyadmin: When I entered in phpmyadmin it says: mysql table is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed. Even though I've read on how to fix it, I still didn't figure out where to write those commands. Can you please help me?
  7. Hello Would you please update PHP to latest version. I see we have 5.4.* and latest is 5.6*
  8. yes, in posts.
  9. This is EPIC tribute to all that movies from 80es.
  10. Hi Eli! Could you, PLEASE, install addon here on IPB that would integrate tweets and made them visible on forum?
  11. penguins on my mind

  12. Yes, I've checked in different browser. I've also seen in myphpadmin that collations are different from utf-8 however I don't know how to change all of them to proper one, and going one by one table is exhausting.
  13. I figured. I've probably messed up collation with some theme. I've found solution to changing collation of tables through php script, but I'm not sure where to put this php code in order to do that. How to change the collation for all tables in a MySQL database to UTF-8? do you maybe know?
  14. hi, sorry... did you maybe change something on server, Eli, coz I haven't changed things for a while on my wp blog, lately, and then I came to notice that my encoding is all f**ed up, and since I'm using foreign letters, they look broken: što traži osjećaji utf-8 is really important for me.