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  1. Hey

    Hi,Garret Enjoy your stay here and i am sure you will have much fun here too
  2. Yes i have asked paypal before a few years back, yes u can have more then one paypal account but those accounts must be verified by bank or credit card.. dont know if their tos is changed now.. Kind Regards DangerMouse
  3. Hey

    Enjoy your stay here Clinton
  4. he he he .. an Elephent Dog.. where did you found these lol
  5. he he .. some cool work ..
  6. Mike welcome to Vlexo, hope you enjoy your stay here
  7. ill vote for playstation 2 & 3 because its much reliable then XBOX 360 or other console manufactured by XBOX, they have catched ppl before the XBOX does it
  8. Welcome to Vlexo forums enjoy your stay here
  9. totally agree with you my friend, linux has much better security rather then windows.
  10. that is a good one .. by the way i like that choclate.
  11. mine is need for speed carbon and FEAR is one which i like most ..
  12. really good tut i have used norton corporate edition works really smooth.
  13. Enjoy your stay here Mystical.
  14. Thanks guys and thanks Echo yah i am the one hope i will make some more of the websites like those..
  15. Hi, My name is ALI i am new here at Velxo but really old one at W!E Echo do you remember me ? hope i have good time here at Velxo