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  1. [RESOLVED] Changing domain

    yeah i tried a lot of things more info > http://forum.vlexo.com/showthread.php?t=4377
  2. [RESOLVED] Changing domain

    I can't even go in cpanel So it's not possible. Eurodns is lame. Dont say another word all i want is to change domain if not possible dont even reply.
  3. [RESOLVED] Changing domain

    From : animedu.de To : technogamerz.info I can't use this hosting with animedu.de they wont let me use the same ip and ect.. Mind changing domain
  4. [RESOLVED] Changing domain.

    Ok i will try what andrew said
  5. The review by wanabrar

    I must say this hosting is pretty much awesome. It is one of the best free hosting, i have ever been. I'm glad that i choose Vlexo. It's one of the best hosting because the support is pretty much good, members are good and the staff is very friendly Plus Cpanel is everything for me. Thanks vlexo! Best free hosting service ever!
  6. [RESOLVED] Changing domain.

    Current : animedu.de New one : technogamerz.info I've been thinking why anime. I'm gonna start a small game site lol
  7. Content Management Systems

    I've added you on msn.Dont see you only but thanks anyway dude. I rather use joomla rofl!To complicated with the customcms.
  8. Ddos attack?

    http://www.litespeedtech.com/products/webserver/overview/ Free ddos script Need ssh.
  9. Content Management Systems

    ermm..Anyone good at it ?Can pm me need assistant I just want to edit the navigation bar to something else.
  10. Hai all.Again i'm asking question but this time about CMS. I just bought a CMS from > http://customcms.net/ But the things is it's for a game site. Is it possible to change it to something related to a software site?
  11. Ddos attack?

    Thanks guys Very helpful!
  12. Ddos attack?

    Is there anyway to protect my website form being ddosed? Free way lol

    care to explain what he is talking about? I'm not good at this thing so sorry

    idk what to do now D:

    They say something like > I till dont get it what they are talking about =x And my site is animedu.de Here is where i bought it > http://www.eurodns.com/