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  1. As Patrick Said Above, you need to change to your domains name servers to: This can be done as Eli said by logging into your domain registrar's control panel and editing them there.
  2. Isproc is right, They're just CSS3 features which if you check against CSS3 validation they're fine apart from the engine specific attributes (i.e -moz-... / -webkit-... ) which still are fine. Anyway, The Issue has been Resolved. Post Locked and Moved.
  3. It seems your website is offline, was your website transferred across to the new VlexoFree Server? You may need to update your domain name servers.
  4. The different doc types (transitional, loose, strict, etc) aren't there just to look pretty - they actually are there because they tell the browser how to render the page. I can tell you which doc types does what, but i'll do that a little later on
  5. Good to hear you resolved it for yourself. I'll note your topic and refer to it in the vent that somebody has the same problem. Support Topic Closed - Marked Resolved.
  6. A shoutbox is an alright idea, but probably best for general chit chat. Tech Support is probably best kept to threads or tickets - easier to manage communication that way.
  7. I also have source, I can look into setting up a CS:S server.
  8. IF you play counter strike, come and join in on a few servers i have setup. If you have map or new server requests, let me know and i will try my best to accommodate your request.
  9. Eli, I've responded to your PM, get back to me if you can. Thanks
  10. Does anybody still play Counter Strike (Hl1/CS 1.6) As i've got a couple servers you can play on and we can organise events.
  11. Looking good guys, How stuff has changed so much!
  12. I don't think he has exactly left, but been in such a financial situation which most of the world is in where he either cannot afford to pay these bills. as for, that remains to be spoken for, possibly if someone could get in touch with Jon and have him transfer the domain to an Account on the registrar or something that Eli can access. But, all things great must come to an end at somepoint, and i guess for the greatness vlexo has provided it may just be it's time!
  13. Hey Eli, I might be able to do something for you, Drop me a PM or Email with what your after, and i'll work something out for you!
  14. This is a CHOWN issue, it can be fixed via SSH but i dont think you have access to that. I've had this problem before, and a server admin just has to CHOWN the files back to your ownership.