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  1. Well this was a verry usefull answer! Thank you for explaining every aspect, this isn't a luxury for a newbie like me. I can now see why this approach isn't going to work? Do you have any other professional advice on how to solve this, if Jonathan permits it?
  2. A litle tip, now your table is on the upperleftcorner, try to center it. It will look much more professional (my opinion).
  3. I see, the problem is I haven't "yet" a linux computer, but this would be indeed a splendid solution!
  4. Well, My site consists of two parts: one part where you can download my self written RSA encryption tool, one part where you shall find entertainment. This second "entertainment" part isn't popular at all and it's main purpose to me is for my own "educational" interest. I'm only 17 and the internet has a lot of opertunities. I agree that this "conversion" shall be eating up a lot of cpu storage and it would be probably much faster and easyer to convert the files from my pc. But because this "conversion" is located in the inpopular entertainment part of my site, I don't think your CPU shall get overheated. I think this shall only happen when I'm testing it and when a friend of my wants to do me a favor . So please let me do this! Now technical details: The unix script you gave me, can easy be integrated in a cgi script by using the perl "exec()" function. something like this: #!usr/bin/perl exec('http://www.cmu.vlexo.net/upload/convert'); print "Conversion done": here 'http://www.cmu.vlexo.net/upload/convert' is the unix script. Unfortunally this isn't working. Don't I have shell acces? Syntax fault? ... I'm pretty unexperienced so I didn't quite understood your discussion about SSH.
  5. I just want to say that I sould also really apriciate it whenn ffmpeg would be installed on the server!
  6. Well I'm in search after the script behind such a site.
  7. I'm gonna look at your link as soon as the site is back online. What a shame I may not use it ... But thanks for your help anyway!
  8. I don't know if this is what you're looking for: But you can give div tags an absolute position: these are "the cordinates" of your div box, so if you give two divs the same cordinates they will overlay ... Caution "Look if it fits with all types of browsers( IE, mozilla, netscape, ...)!"
  9. Hi everyone! I want to create script that converts all wma files in the folder to mp3 files. First I thought this would be an easy job, but two days of googling brought me nothing. Do you know a php or cgi script that can fulfill my needs? Or do you know another way to solve this issue? (Almost) everything is welcome!
  10. Hi everyone, I encounter a lots of time 'error 500' when executing my cgi scripts (probably because of bugs in my scripts). But it's very hard to find these bugs if I don't know what's going wrong, i only get those 500 error messages saying that something went wrong. Is there something like an Error 500 log where i can see more detailed information about these errors? I only found an error 300 log in Cpanel. I guess that there's a very simple explenation/way to solve this but i'm really new to all these webprogramming.
  11. I got my doubts ...