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  1. I believe the problem has not yet been fixed since I notice the account got re suspended Would you please advise on what information are you obtaining from the domain? I did receive some notifications regarding some malicious files and I deleted them hoping the account would then be free of spam. thanks in advanced
  2. I see. Please let me correct this issue but dissabling all plugins and activating just the ones coming from repository.. I had the feeling Wordfence security would let me know of any corrupted file but I guess they are not as good as I thought. Thanks for your time
  3. Account Username: u2780987Domain: www.alejandrochataing.comPackage expert free 2000Good day and thank you for providing this excellent free service to users around the world I have been using VlexoFree services for some time now, I believe over 2 years, I have just noticed my account is suspended. I would very much like to know what I could have possibly done to have caused this suspention Thanks in advanced Alejandro Chataing
  4. I do not know what was causing this issue but I fixed it like this: 1. go to and log in 2. Under "Security" click "SSL/TLS Manager" 3. click "Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests." 4. Inside "Domains" type in all the domains you have including subdomains. (In my case I added a wildcard " *" (withot quotes)) 5. Fill out the rest of the required items and click generate 6. go back to "SSL/TLS Manager" and click "Manage SSL sites." 7. Add the wildcard subdomains first (this was my case) 8. Add one of your domains ( You will not have to add all the Top level domains since the certificate can be used for all of them, However you must enter all your subdomains, in my case I had 4 or 5 which were wildcard subdomains "*") 9. Browse your certificate or manually copy paste the info required there.. or just hit the "Autofill by domain" buttom. 10. Voila. problem solved
  5. when i type my main, parked or addon domain using https:// (which I have not configured since I havent bought a SSL certificate yet) I noticed my site is being redirected to another site in portuguese. Can this be checked out? Is it posible to configure it in a way that https is redirected to http? Thanks in advance The domains are: - - - -
  6. Hi jhoni out of curiosity. Can you tell me how did tholis post help you and how did u come accross this post? Thnx
  7. Good day I have been trying to install composer in order to develop a facebook app without needing to set many auloaders. I have configured SSH in the control panel and downloaded the private key When trying to use Putty and login to the shell I recieved a message regarding "Ask for shell access in our support from vlexo free" So I would like to have composer and lavarel installed on this account if its possible and I could work my way around doing it following some guides I have been reading Thanks in advance
  8. will do thanks
  9. My request would be to reset the server and leave it blank so i can start working from scratch.. I have backups offline, however i am looking forward to do a clean start. Thanks in advance to the team
  10. I cannot tell why this happened. My guess is that some wordpress plugin doing this. To fix it ill install a new wordpress with no plugins and use the BASIC admin.php instead if you allow me to work on it
  11. Account NlGhT Expert 2000 for Good day staff. I have tried to check why account seems suspended when trying to access and i cannot find any emails explaining or warning anything. I have reseted my password of the client area in vlexofree to check the status and the package says active.. however it is not apperently. I would love to get news on whatever happened to my account. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks Eli and Sharad D for the tremendous support +1 for the quality... The plugin is now working like a charm! I had posted support at and I will close that support by indicating the solution came through by the excellent support of the staff... You have deserved my good reviews wherever you require it.. PS: Topic can move to resolved PS2: please let me know of the sites you would have me post a possitive review of
  13. I had played with different setups to try and make it work... with no success.. I have several paked domains now.. But I am struggling with cPanel at the momment since I cannot do much in the simple DNS zone editor.. This plugin requires some manual configuration... as far as I have been able to learn I need to apply the following instructions: "Make sure the default Apache virtual host points at your WordPress MU site or WordPress 3.0 network so it will handle unknown domains correctly. On some hosts you may be required to get a dedicated IP address. A quick check: in a web broswer, type in the IP address of your install. If you are using CPanel, use the Park a Domain menu to set the mapped domain to your main installtion." But when i type in the shared IP address I recieve a CGI apache default website instead... In the park domain area.. I can see all my parked domains point to my public_html folder.. but whenever I try to access my new parked domain it also resolves to the CGI apache default website.... So i guess that I need to do something of the following: " Go to "Edit DNS Zone" and select the domain of your WPMU installation and click "Edit". Below "Add New Entries Below This Line", enter in the first box (Domain) an asterisk: "*". The second box, TTL, should be "14400". The third box should be "IN". Select A Record Type from the drop down "A". And in the last box, paste in the IP address of your website/network. " Can you please help me setup this? the simple DNS zone editor will not help me out at all
  14. Is there a way to restart the apache server from cPanel?. My parked domains are not properly working. The DNS settings on the domain panel are correctly pointing to vlexo's DNS server however I keep on recieving the cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi when accesing the parked domain pointing to the public html folder. I have cleared my cache so do not worry about me not knowing this part.. thanks in advance.. PS: If this restart can only be done by the administrators... could you please let me know what is the administrators availability so I can organize the adding of new domains right when you are online... The intention is to test a new plugin called Wordpress MU Mapping.. The only requirement is to park the domain that will be parked Username: u2780987 Hosting Package: e2000 Domain: Parked Domains: and (this last one works)
  15. Account Username: u2780987 Domain: Initially registered as then changed to Package: Expert 2000 Good day staff. Let me start off by saying I trully like the services provided so far and I have great reviews on the server. I have started with a free tk domain and then decided to purchase a .com domain. When i Finished my testings with the TK domain I sent a private message to ELI containing the following: " Good day. I have been using your service for some months now and I have nothing but good reviews to your hoting. I have successfully installed 2 websites an both work fine. I have followed the linkback and adds policy to the lyric and I wish to make some important changes to the sites.. This is why for a couple of dadys the sites might be offline until the new ones are set up properly The purpose of this message is to let the team know of the changes that I will make to the sites. so in the case of any auditions done to the registered domains, you will be aware of the work being done to the sites. After testing the server for sometime now i have decided to change the structures of the sites. I will purchase in a short while a couple of domain names and use them here. Plus I will change the websites into better ones for not only testing but also for promoting them. Regarding the linkbacks and ads policy be certain that I will make sure they continue to work as usual. Best Regards Alejandro Chataing Aka NlGhT webdeveloper " The repply I obtained from ELI was: " Sorry for the late reply. I dont plan on checking accounts for a while so you should be okay. Thanks for letting me know! " I changed the DNS to the new domain and started the new configuration... It took longer than expected since I could not access the new domain just yet since domains take forever to be setup. Once i could I started rebuilding the new wordpress site and faced some minor inconviniences.. After that I placed adds and linkbacks to the site but The ads were not displaying correctly.. It only showed "Privacy".. THe link back was good tho"Hoting provided by vlexohosting". I was very tired last night and decided to go to bed to fix the gzip conflicts but i found the account already suspended.. I wish to let all the staff know of my great opinion on the server so far and if you would allow me to continue using such great service I will look directly into setting the linkback... and if i would fail.. I would place a static web site with the link backs and ads and set the site in maintanence mode until I can figure it out why it won't display correctly. Sincerly yours Alejandro Chataing Web Developer