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  1. Got em! Thanks. Finished migrating everything over to our own server in the last few hours. So much setup holy crap. Again thanks for a wonderful service! Enjoyed using it for the past 3 years.
  2. Yes please, including a .sql with all of the tables from the MySQL database.
  3. If they are please give me access to them as I would like to grab those.
  4. Can I grab my files and export my database via FTP and CPanel or would those be suspended as well?
  5. Mogey/ u4875704 Ads + Linkback Expert Wondering why it was suspended and how I can get it unsuspended.
  6. [b]Account Plan[/b]: Personal 2000 [b]cPanel UserName[/b]: u4875704 [b]Your Domain or Subdomain[/b]: [b]Browser:[/b] Firefox [b]System (Mac/PC/Linux):[/b] PC [b]Nature Of Problem[/b]: Cpanel/FTP/Database/PHP/Other: Other [b]Error you are Getting [If applicable][/b]: N/A [b]Problem[/b]: I currently run my high school's Computer Programming club and we were wondering if we could get an account for all of the students to use as a sandbox, to upload any projects they have or anything they create to the site and test their scripts and front end web design. Martha Coakley (Attorney General of MA) actually visited us last year! We are Malden High School. We think this would be really good for all of the students learning web design and web development to test out their designs, they'll be learning HTML&CSS as well as JavaScript and jQuery for front end development, some will be transferring their skills they learned in the school's computer science course to Python and Ruby to develop scripts.
  7. Your current domain or subdomain: Your current cPanel Username: u4875704 Current Plan: Personal 500 Requested Plan:Expert 2000 [b]Do you have the ads and linkback on your pages?: [/b] Yes [b]Why do you need an account upgrade/downgrade?: [/b] I need the additional space for my forum software and wordpress blog. The wordpress blog's content is taking up a lot of space on the server. The forum software is expected to do the same as the community becomes more active.
  8. Hi there! I have an upgrade request for I would like to upgrade to the Expert plan. How can I do that?
  9. Yep it works! Just had to clear browser cache, I'll try transferring to cloudflare now.
  10. I pointed it to VlexoFree and added it as an addon domain, I'm getting the "Default Web Site Page" error, though I'm guessing it'll clear up soon, .
  11. Hi there! Account Plan: Personal cPanel UserName:u4875704 Your Domain or Subdomain: Browser:[/b] Chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 m System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC Nature Of Problem: Other Error you are Getting: Problem: For my domain,, I have an A record pointing to the shared IP address( I wish to have my DNS managed by CloudFlare. I am attempting to add an addon domain ( however I can not add it because its DNS is also managed by CloudFlare. Is there any way I can add this domain to my account without changing the nameservers? I've added an A record to that points to the same shared IP address however this does not seem to work. Note: I wish to keep both domains on the account, I'm not trying to swap domains.