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  1. Hey all - Just signed up myself. Name's Rick. Heard about this place on Reddit and am looking forward to setting up a blog that targets the landscaping industry. A lot of those folks, from what I've seen, are lost in terms of online marketing/seo and I'm hoping to help out. Got a newborn at home and trying to get my web consulting business of the ground so I can have a more flexible schedule. Happy to help with any content creation planning or blog business brainstorming. Peace!
  2. Hey Joel - Looking through the recent intros, you seem to be one of a few real people who are posting here. Don't know where you are in the process, but it's hard to go wrong with JavaScript and jQuery. Here's a great page on how to jump on that: Also, how is the grocery delivery service going? Do you have any potential clients? Would it be worth hiring a developer on odesk?