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  1. Assembly all the way! Nah, just kidding. I'm used to programming stuff in C++ since it's mainly what I work with nowadays but I also love Java, C#.
  2. Hey! Welcome to Vlexo bud! Enjoy your stay!
  3. I'm still here, and yeah I remember you. (name was zepheria back then) Good to see you again mate.
  4. This section looked like it could use a post. Youtube gameplay video: Arma2 is one of my all-time favorite games, especially Conquer the Island. It's a real-war military simulation game meaning for example, you get shot once or twice and your dead. It's extremely tactical game, and not for the impatient or people who just want to run and gun. It is also an unbelievably resource-demanding and nearly tops out my server's CPUs everytime we play.
  5. Hi.

    Hi there! Welcome to the Vlexo commnunity! Good to see another Gmod player in here, now I don't feel so alone.
  6. Hey awesome, Vlexo has a steam group. I'll definitely join it. ^^
  7. My friend just got one and they are really nice. Definitely can see the difference in terms of size and design. Ran pretty quiet as well.
  8. I agree with there server being extremely sloowww. I had an account on there before not too long ago and my downloads hovered around 40 kilobytes a second and my web site took like a minute to load everything. They features don't live up to the quality.
  9. Hey

    Hey there! Welcome to Vlexo!
  10. I own a PS3 and really love how well it plays things but still have a liking for the 360. Currently, I like the PS3 because I don't have to pay to play online and everything on it is Blue-ray. I don't like how I can't run linux on it anymore (Stupid sony communist bastards), removing that feature really disappointed me. I want to get the Xbox 360 slim sometime, it looks sweet.
  11. Yeah, I agree on that. But if you're talking Flash drives, I'd say $100-$150 i guess.
  12. Yeah, I'm really digging your template.
  13. I used to hate AMD but my current computer currently runs it and I have to say it works pretty well. Nothing beats an Intel though especially in those i7's.
  14. Have I said how much I prefer DirectX over OpenGL? A lot. Too bad DirectX isn't cross-platform...

  15. Oh yeah, you can run it without all that flashy stuff just like in XP. . I used to do that before I stepped up my graphics card. I use Ubuntu for compiling source since the games I design are (just recently) designed to be Cross-Platform. I use my school's Macincraps for compiliing on macs.