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  1. For some odd reason I can't get it to work..but if you want to see how they set it up on that page just view source. I'm still trying to get it to work..but, it seems they didn't post all the neccesary instructions..or I'm just not reading it right :
  2. Gotta have your speakers on for the somewhat confusing part :S
  3. When you setup your redirect after the domain you wanted was parked, did you choose that domain from the drop down list in the redirect section? Because if that is, it would redirect to the subdomain..choose the subdomain to redirect to the domain...the only reason I say this is because I'm assuming you have a redirect setup BUT its redirecting from the domain you want to the sub domain.. (in a short way of saying it: check the redirect.)
  4. I'd go for McCain for ONE reason: Obama may speak good words but he refuses to be patriotic..he does not wear a US Flag pin for one...he does not put his hand over his heart during a pledge..and possibly more un-patriotic acts.. In all honesty...I wouldn't want anyone that doesn't wish to represent our colors to even step foot in the white house...that's just me. Regardless of all that Obama insulting I just did, we need someone with military experience...not just good words to make the people happy..because in the end NOTHING makes the people happy..it's human nature for people to find something to cry about and turn it into something big when in actuality...it's nothing at all. P.S. - I'm neither a big business owner or rich person..and I may be crazy, but I'm not crazy enough to vote for Obama. That's just my opinion.
  5. I will see what I can do
  6. Add in This strip of code: var tokens = ['something']; You can replace 'something' with anything you like..to add more tokens just add ,'somethinghere' and thats it. Add in The following can be added in a *.css OR #demo-local { width: 350px; border: 1px solid #444; } It is that simple... Note: I did not test this out for myself.
  7. That's what the CGI Center is for...in cPanel..you can create a counter without any hassle :
  8. Have you parked that domain to your account yet? "sammieservices.net" .. you have to park it to your account before you can actually use it..not just pointing the domain to Vlexo's NS..just suggesting you check that.
  9. I'm assuming you have hosting here so...I'll suggest this for a counter - Goto the CGI Center of the cPanel and you can create one.
  10. Hiya Enjoy your time here
  11. So am I.....so confused
  12. 18 (I vote renaming it "Count to Infinity" XD )
  13. Yes I am German lol.

  14. You people are very strange indeed.....:S
  15. You are german ?