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  1. Your interview was denied by Eli L. Please see here for more information: You may attempt a second interview if you wish, taking into account the recommendations of Eli L, however please note that interviews will not be open on the 8th (This Friday), you will have to wait until the 15th (Next Friday) to re-submit your interview.
  2. I have replied to your interview, please check this. It will take as long as it takes to review your interview.
  3. If your proxy is blocking non-standard port (i.e. :2082) access to website, your best bet is to use FTP as Sharad D has pointed out. If you find that FTP is blocked, then you will either have to speak to the person that manages the hostel's proxy and see if they can make an exception, or you might want to investigate CMS software to allow you to manage your site without having to use cPanel, as this is usually allowed as it's on a standard port (80, HTTP) and will be a workaround the issue. I know myself, as our work proxy is restricted to standard HTTP and HTTPS ports. I can't access cPanel on my work connection, so I instead take a mobile broadband dongle and use that.
  4. Your domain is now showing the default VlexoFree start page. Please upload your site within 20 days to avoid being suspended.
  5. Hi, It seems that your site is now up and functioning on the new server with the details Sharad D provided - Can you just confirm that everything is okay? Edit: Also, I noticed your domain expired 19th Feb 2012 with, you may wish to renew it through them in order to ensure your site stays active, as it may just currently be in a frozen state. Thanks,
  6. Just to add to this; There might have been an issue whereby some of the links buried deep-down in the Wiki to cPanel/Webmail were referencing the old Deuce hostname. I've gone through and updated these, but there were only 2 or 3, so not sure if this was the issue. Thanks
  7. This is something that Eli will have to do for you If you just wait for Eli to catch this post I'm sure you'll get a response shortly
  8. A mail account on the server can be accessed remotely as with most mail services, POP3 is using for receiving mail and SMTP for sending mail. The basic details to connect to this will be; POP Server: SMTP Server: Username: Password: The password you set up for this mail account. The port numbers should be the default ports, unless you are looking to use SSL, in which case your email program should be able to automatically define these. If your program does not supply these, you will usually need 110 for POP3 and 25 for SMTP for basic unsecured access. These details are available when you set up the account under cPanel, and also there is an 'Auto-Configuration Script' for Outlook & Outlook Express available there to. I would encourage you to explore the Email Accounts page in the cPanel Interface.
  9. A .htaccess file will not show up when browsing the site, as it's a 'dotfile' which isn't visible to the visiting user (and should never be). You may need to enable 'Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)' in the cPanel File Manager to view/change the .htaccess file. To set up custom error pages, you will need to add - to your .htaccess file - a line with the following (for example, to add a custom 404 page); ErrorDocument 404 /404.html You would obviously need to change the error code for different errors, say Unauthorised (that's 401) etc., and you would also need to upload the file 404.html, with your error page, to the website (the path can be changed, so instead of /404.html it oculd be /error/404.html, whatever suits you best). You can find lists of what the individual codes mean, but you should only really need to change the 404 'Not Found'. More information is available on this website (and plenty of others can be found on Google): Hope it helps!
  10. Please create a new topic - do not piggyback on a previous one
  11. It's your cache that is causing that. All pages I visit are on your site are suspended.
  12. Your account has not been suspended from the general admin panel. Therefore, I can only assume that you have exceeded your bandwidth allowance or another allowance for this month. I'll let Eli know and see what caused it.
  13. Vlexo Ads and Linkback are BOTH mandatory. You have no choice about this, as you are on the Expert 2000 package. If you would rather not put the ad, you must request to be downgraded to the Personal 300 package, which only requires a linkback.
  14. I can see that wordpress 3.0.1 is installed. Have you installed any add-ons/plugins recently?