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  1. Does Vlexo have a future?

  2. Your account's email was sending out spam. You need to make sure your email and account passwords are safe and strong. I changed all your email passwords. If it happens again ill consider terminating the account. Unsuspended.
  3. I'm not seeing that account on the server, so I think it was probably deleted a while ago. As for a new account, I'm currently not accepting any new accounts at the moment. Sorry about that.
  4. Sorry, just started a new job and have been pretty busy. There are currently 164 accounts on the server. And yeah it's a dedicated. It's not too expensive, $121 a month for the server and cpanel license. It's not boring, I just hadn't been able to maintain everything for a while and my "business model" of ads on free sites supporting the server currently generate almost no money. Some of the software we use is also a bit dated and should be changed to newer software that's a bit faster but doing doing the work on the server thats needed would take a lot of time to make sure there are no major bugs. Time that I no longer have. Thank you for the offer, but the server really does need to be a dedicated to run all the sites well. It was once hosted on a VPS before I believe and it did not work out well at all. Unsure what to do yet. I haven't started looking for someone to take over yet. Ideally I'd like to see someone take it over and bring it back up to what it once was but I think the chances of that are slim. Hey Shikhir! It's been a while! If I can think of a way for you to help I'll let you know, thank you for the offer!
  5. I have some short background here: http://vlexoforums.com/topic/7469-did-you-know/ I took over the service from Jon because he became unreachable, no idea what happened to him, but he probably got tired of running the service. Matty was a partner when I took over the service and he helped me pay for the server bills; over time he ran into financial trouble I believe, and stopped being able to support. Now it's just me keeping the server alive and honestly I'm actively looking for someone to transfer ownership to and take it off my hands.
  6. Thank you for the heads up on this. This is exactly why you should keep your wordpress install up to date, which I forgot to do.. I believe everything is back to normal with it now.
  7. Unsuspended. I've changed the passwords on all your accounts emails because your passwords were not secure enough. If it happens again the account will be terminated.
  8. You're suspended for sending out spam.
  9. What website can you see?
  10. You have ftp access.
  11. I believe that you didn't send spam, but your website did. Probably because your scripts or software has not been updated so it got hacked. I've moved all your files to "website files" folder outside your public_html folder so that more spam doesn't get sent and I have unsupended your account. If you move them back without updating your stuff and fixing the problem and I see that it's sending spam again I will terminate your account.
  12. If your account was terminated then all your files are gone and cannot be retrieved.
  13. Your account is suspended for sending out spam.
  14. That domain takes me to http://agora.matronasubeda.com/moodle which doesn't work. I'm pretty sure matronasubeda.com isn't hosted here.
  15. Done. Changed to 4bit.tk