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  1. Unsuspended. I've changed the passwords on all your accounts emails because your passwords were not secure enough. If it happens again the account will be terminated.
  2. You're suspended for sending out spam.
  3. What website can you see?
  4. You have ftp access.
  5. I believe that you didn't send spam, but your website did. Probably because your scripts or software has not been updated so it got hacked. I've moved all your files to "website files" folder outside your public_html folder so that more spam doesn't get sent and I have unsupended your account. If you move them back without updating your stuff and fixing the problem and I see that it's sending spam again I will terminate your account.
  6. If your account was terminated then all your files are gone and cannot be retrieved.
  7. Your account is suspended for sending out spam.
  8. That domain takes me to http://agora.matronasubeda.com/moodle which doesn't work. I'm pretty sure matronasubeda.com isn't hosted here.
  9. Done. Changed to 4bit.tk
  10. I unsuspended your account. I moved your 'freespreadsheet.net' folder outside the public directory as the files are completely compromised. I suggest you delete all those files. If you try to move that folder back or use those files and spam gets sent again I will terminate your account.
  11. We don't have Let's encrypt, but we do have a autoSSL feature that does the same thing. If you have a cpanel generate cert for your site it will auto renew before it expires.
  12. Only an admin can change your main account domain i believe.
  13. You were suspended because you put something in your site that is sending out mass spam.
  14. Hi, I have removed the addon domain and changed your main account domain to your new one.
  15. I do not believe you will be able to setup node.js unless you have an ad-free account with SSH access.