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  1. Hey Guys, I have a zip file of my website from my previous server. How do I load it onto my vlexo server? Also I'm trying to update the nameservers in godaddy, but it keeps giving me the following error: THESE DOMAINS WERE NOT PROCESSED DUE TO ERRORS: Domains We can't make this update because it conflicts with the domain Preset Profiles. CHRISBURKE.CA does anyone know how to fix that?
  2. Hey Mike, I had the same start as you.. just rocking through google and youtube videos on how to do stuff. been at it for.. yikes 15 years now, still love it like the first day I started! Chris
  3. Hey Everyone, my name is Chris. I work as a tech co-ordinator for a church, so I handle all their online presence and sound/light jazz. I'm pretty pumped to find vlexo, as I've been looking for a free host to put my personal site, and am hoping it's found a new home here at vlexo!