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  1. Cool! I already signed up, is the transfer automatic?
  2. Thanks for replying! I'll probably do that later tonight seeing as i cannot get the ads+linkback to work and your service is exceptional so i don't mind supporting this website. How do i go about upgrading my current plan?
  3. How would i disable that if its already disabled via the config file in the web server??? If all else fails(meaning nothing we try works) is there anyway i can upgrade to the paid version of expert and keep all my databases/information and just transfer it all over?
  4. Yes it does. But i still don't get anything on the page. On the xenforo forum. I asked the same question and a user there said that i could possibly try to inject html into a div on the forum using javascript or jquery and that might work. (I have no clue how to do it though at least coding wise) Note : That this isn't a template specific issue either it doesn't show up on the default template either.
  5. Okay. I've updated the settings in config.php to disable gzip. I don't think minifiy css is on. If thats what you're referring to, but the ad/linkback still doesnt show up after all this.
  6. Also i am able to edit the template and see the changes. This is what happens when i remove the !-- and -- portion from your ad+linkback codes. I think the issue is that it sees the !-- and -- as a comment instead of actual code. More proof
  7. Not entirely sure. I edited it ad_below_content template and added <div style="text-align:center;"> <!--VlexoFree_AdCode_728x90--></div> and nothing shows up in the template in either my styling nor default. Pictures of code:
  8. Hey man. Delete this thread and repost your interview here.
  9. [b]Account Plan[/b]: Expert 2000 [b]cPanel UserName[/b]:u3704928 [b]Your Domain or Subdomain[/b]: [b]Browser:[/b] Maxthon Cloud/Mozilla [b]System (Mac/PC/Linux):[/b] PC [b]Nature Of Problem[/b]: Other [b]Error you are Getting [If applicable][/b]: [b]Problem[/b]:I was wondering if i could move the information of a database from one of my free plans and move them to a database on a paid plan? I am having issues with creating ads+linkbacks on my forum and this seems like my only option... Can anyone care to chime if and tell me if this is even possible or not?
  10. [b]Account Plan[/b]: Expert 2000 [b]cPanel UserName[/b]:u3704928 [b]Your Domain or Subdomain[/b]: [b]Browser:[/b] Maxthon Cloud/Mozilla [b]System (Mac/PC/Linux):[/b] PC [b]Nature Of Problem[/b]: Other [b]Error you are Getting [If applicable][/b]: [b]Problem[/b]:I have installed Xenforo 1.4 and all my attempts to place the linkbacks on the forum by entering them through the template have failed. I was wondering if anyone could helpe m here?
  11. I could be wrong here. But HDMI is usually preferred option.
  12. I've never had an issue with the service. Everything is smooth as long as you have everything setup correctly on your end. My only issue is that the owner appears to be busy and not spend a lot of time on the forums as of late so theres a wait for approval of interviews to activate your service if you're getting the free or expert one.
  13. Oddly enough, whenever i use Maxthon Cloud to login into the forums or the main site. I ALWAYS get password is incorrect please make sure you typed the right password in. However with Mozilla i logged in the first try. Its more of a heads up to others using Maxthon
  14. Would I be able to install this thank you for the support
  15. I need to find this for an addon i'm trying to add to my gmod server how do I find this please thank you. MySQL Server IP Address.