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  1. Thank you for replying, suggestion accepted. Could you please give me a bit more info on how the cpu is being used (i have never used a vps or another server yet so I would not know which hosting provide would suit my needs to avoid further downtime. Since my budget is short I will try to look for a solution that fits the needs of my site. What oher recommendations would you give me in a short term to have my site stay on your server while migration is done?
  2. Account Username meth0dz Domain Package expert 2000 Good day staff... I have just notice my account was suspended please check this thread:
  3. This is s self signed certificate, the browser will warn about this kind of certificates because they are not bought... I suggest use http:// instead, this guide is just a solution to help you setup a simple SSL certificade... If you need more assistance, there are platforms like that offer a https solution (i am using it aswell). But please Do not try to sell your site to be safe and secure unless you pay for a SSL certificate.. else the browser will give this warning.. When using this tecnique I always use http:// instead of https://... the use of this is that if your using some facebook plugins or redirects.. your site is correctly setup.. but for use experience is not good enough.. you need to buy a SSL certificate
  4. It is working like a charm, cheers and thank you again
  5. Hi there. I have created a small tutorial to help you install your SSL Certificate Note: this is a self signed certificate using Cpanel.. which means that some browsers will display a warning message. If you want a guide to install your Paid certificate, please request.
  6. Thanks you for your help. I have deleted all plugins which are not been used and those which are not necessary for my site to function. I have followed your advise on installing heart beat, which I have not modified yet If there is something I can further do in order to help reduce server load, please advise
  7. Good day staff.. I am about to launch a new network for my website and I am using gantry framework and a bunch of plugins that come bundle with it... They work very well, however the site feels somewhat heavy... Is it possible that before I make the official launch public to my social networks, some staff could monitor it so we can all be certain I am not using too much computer resources? This purpose of this is to give guarantee that the site will not suddenly get suspended.. Thanks in advanced
  8. I have a wordpress install in my package: free 2000 for user meth0dz I have tried changing the values for the max upload file size using different methods: creating php.ini, changing htaccess, modifying wp-config.php and adding lines to functions.php also tried by setting a plugin... Since non of the above worked I requesting for this changes to be made: memory_limit 300M post_max_size 64M upload_max_filesize 64M these are good settings for revslider (my premium plugin) to work well... it currently says: 2mb for max upload file size and 8mb for max post size when reading php.ini from cpanel it says that upload_max_filesize is 400m so i do not get it! thanks for support in advanced
  9. Issued on Internal Server Error Solved by reinstalling Wordpress... problem happened right after activating w3 super cache plugin...

  10. Solved by reinstalling wordpress... It happened right after installing w3 super cache plugin from from wordpress....
  11. Internal Server Error -500 as of 11/11/2015 4:00 EST time.

    Is it just me, or is it a temporarily Down Time


  12. "Internal Server ErrorThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator at to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." ScreenShot: Is it just my site or are we experiencing some temporarily down time? Thanks in advanced
  13. it did work!! thanks ( i feel the silliest now, but tyvm )
  14. This screen shot shows One of my problems where I am unable to change my password inside the members area of vlexo This screenShot also shows how i am unable to login to Cpanel with password (the one I changed right after the activation of my account) I try login in with old user name and it still won't work In here I am trying to recover my password using the Cpanel recovery system but I never receive the email: ( i tried using old account username and new user name Meth0dz, None of which send me an email to my ) When I try to change my username for cpanel from Meth0dz to the old one this is what happens: I believe I have somehow screw my cpanel account and I cannot recover it. Please advise on what to do to fix this, Thanks in advanced Would it be faster and better If I request a cancellation and retry from start? Order #: 7412 Domain: Username: Meth0dz Hosting plan: e2000
  15. Good day I loged inside the members area of then I went to "Expert 2000" and changed my username to Meth0dz I have lost the ability to recover my password or username... my previos username was u9169851 but now I cannopt revert it back to that Please advise of what I can do Domain: Expert 2000 Thanks in advanced