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  1. You mean i can keep my site with paid hosting package. Am i right? Because yourfree hosting itself is better than some paid hosting services.
  2. I am so sorry for that. Will it be ok if i take "Expert Ad-Free" hosting? if not, at least, please let me take a backup of my site (I will be thankful to you if you could grant me temporary access for few hours)? I will keep a permanent link-back to vlexofree, if you helped me saving some time. Thanks in advance.
  3. Username: thop Domain: Package: Expert 2000 Reason: Not specified Hello Friend, my account was recently suspended. Could you please help me out here as to why it was suspended ? i did put linkback in the footer links on all domains. i did pasted ad code in but adsense is blocked for one of addon domain. is that the issue? Please let me know, how to resolve this issue?
  4. Hello, Admin! I Want to Change My Domain from CUTEFEEDS.CF to CUTEFEEDS.ML Plz Do it as early as Possible. And Thanks in Advance! - THOP
  5. It's Working Now. Thank You So Much for ur Awesome (fast) Support.
  6. First of All, Vlexo Hosting is awesome. Thank You, Guys. I don't know whether i'm posting in correct section or not. I am running a website with concrete5 some other server. Recently, i transferred to Vlexo Hosting. Unfortunately, My website is not working properly and giving errors. Problem: Concrete5 Script requires PHP fileinfo extension, but it is disabled in php.ini of vlexo hosting. So, I kindly request you to enable php fileinfo extension for my website. - Thanks in Advance. Reference:
  7. Thanks. for unsuspension.
  8. Username: thop Domain: Package: Expert 2000 Reason: Multi account My cousin Satish Netha just called me now that his account got suspended for operating my account. But my account was also suspended. He used my account as I asked to edit some files. May be That is the reason for suspension. Please, someone do something. I want my account back. Thanks, in advance.