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  1. I recently encountered this error while trying to navigate to This then generated the url and listed this webpage in plain text "Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user" when I went to get rid of the s in https:// it then gave me a more typical webpage stating my account had been suspended. So now I am not sure if my account actually got suspended due to something I did wrong, or there was an error server side.
  2. Everything is great and this topic is now solved! I appreciate your help very much.
  3. No worries. My final problem and to avoid cluttering up the support sub forum I'll ask here unless you want a new thread. I have noticed in my cpanel that it says which makes me think that this is the domain I am using. This is incorrect as when I first signed up my domain was but I have recently bought a new domain and would like to be using the new one.
  4. Thank you Eli, I have also sent what appears to be a message using the Contact Us Link at the bottom of the page I am very much interested, and after this coming month I would be willing to pay except I am curious as to where the payment would be deducted from.
  5. Thank you so much. I only "need" it until may 7th as that is when I will present my website to my class, but I would like to maintain it after that for at least a year. Is there a link showing the pricing packages available for more space? I couldn't find anything about it.
  6. Account Plan:Expert Free cPanel UserName:u8928476 Your Domain or Subdomain: Browser:N/A System (Mac/PC/Linux):N/A Nature Of Problem: Information about my recent upgrade to Expert Ad-Free, a request to increase my available hosting space, and a domain name change Problem 1: I have recently purchased the Expert Ad-Free package for 3 months and wanted to make sure you were able to connect my current account which uses the Expert Free package with this new one. I only bring it up as I had my school pay for it and wasn't sure if this would affect things. Problem 2: The reason I ask for an increase in my hosting space is I am about to upload some high quality photos, along with thumbnails and a couple videos, and currently my space is already 75% full. I am hoping with my recent purchase of the Expert Ad-Free that I can get an extra 2-3GB of space. Problem 3: I would like a domain name change with the information needed below. Current Domain: Requested Domain: Reason for changing: Bought a dot com domain