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  1. hey can you help me out chnage the domain name, cpanel username, cpanel password ? I cant change it from the when i select the service domain order id #8254 Product name Personal 500 for I could not change the things i needed to so i ordered a new service so maybe just approve that and delete the other one new order details domain order id #10754 Product name Personal 500 for thanks
  2. a ok thnx then ill add it now.
  3. the link backs and the banners make my site crash ... could you provide me with a normal embed code just like adsense does ... those you provide in the linkback page arnt working and my site has all kindes of problems.
  4. YEESS...I tryed to add linkback myself but i wasnt seeing the link show up. Just send me the html code for the link or banner and ill add it.
  5. I don't know what went wrong and got my account terminated but if its impossible for you to reinstate my account then help me get my files back so i could go to a different host. Cheers =)