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  1. This usually does happen. DNS servers need to update and that can take up to a couple of days. Thats probably the problem.
  2. That means you havent changed the nameservers for your domain over to Vlexo's like Jon stated above. You should first go into the co.css control panel for your domain, change the nameserver to the ones listed above, then add the domain through 'Addon Domains' in cPanel.
  3. I want to see this movie sooo bad! Cant wait till it comes out on DVD. P.S. I made it back to Vlexo!
  4. Alright, that worked, thanks Im doing the full back thing right now.
  5. Yeah, Im not wanting to pay all that. I was going to back up my account, but I realized I can't really access cPanel right now without my domain. Is there another way?
  6. Ill have a backup by the end of this week. Still pretty busy and hoping on some downtime Thu/Fri. I was just wondering if the option was available to me. I will let you know when I have the backup done. Thanks
  7. Is it alright if I get my account terminated here? Can I back everything upand then cancel my hosting? I kind of dont need the free hosting anymore and didnt get a chance to renew my domain before it was purchased by someone else. Life has been too busy to work on any sort of projects and I want to move any current projects over somewhere else.
  8. But Linux is on most of the servers you see out there. I think part of the security with Linux is that its open source and most of the software is open source so once a hole is found, it can be easily fixed/patched, and released. No need to go through the corporate chain I dont have any problems with Windows either. Its great and works perfectly for me. I like the software and games available. I still prefer Linux because performance on it is amazing (same goes for Mac OS X), but use Windows out of necessity. Im not complaining either way Also, Compiz on Linux makes things look much better and perform better as well.
  9. I have to agree with Kay and Brad. What is it you are trying to say?
  10. Yeah, I guess so. I just got used to Gnome because most of the software I used was made for GTK and such. Also, it used to be much easier to get Compiz to work with it in the past. Dont know how it is now with KDE. Probably much easier.
  11. Yay! You switched to Linux. Im still on Windows for PS and other things for school, but I will always prefer linux. Although I wouldve recommended Ubuntu for Kubuntu (because I never liked KDE). But thats all personal preference.
  12. I cannot access my domain and neither can others. OpenDNS reports DNS failure on vlexo's end ( domains).
  13. This is a pretty cool blog James Gotta see if I can keep up with it.
  14. ...Im still confused ;
  15. Ive gotta say that I prefer XP to Vista. Ive tried both. My PC is a little older, but I was able to run Vista well (mostly because of the RAM and the upgraded graphics). The two things I liked were Aero and the new look for teh card games (go Freecell!) Other than that, XP is just better.