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  1. Hello Sir, Sorry for opening up another thread, but this is very very urgent for me. I need to submit this website in the next few days. My Account was recently suspended due to a spamming problem. Can you please grant me access/temporarily unsuspend it for a day so that I can get my files and move them to a different hosting provider ? My Cpanel username: valency Main Domain: Package: Personal 500 I will be grateful to you if you could grant me temporary access Thanks & Regards.
  2. Please grant me access for a few hours to download my files. Please Sir! I am begging you
  3. Can you please help me out ? My account is still showing blocked! I really do not know how the spam is being sent out! Please unsuspend my account for a couple of hours. I haven't got a chance to take a backup yet. Once I get the backup,I will remove all the scripts and code that could be causing the spam problems. Please, I request you...
  4. Please let me keep my account! I will even show ADS on my websites if required. I am even ready to make a donation to keep this service running ( I am a student and will donate the best I can) And I assure you that there will be no more spam Please, I am begging you!
  5. If the spam stops, can I please keep my account ? I apologise for all this But I am begging you And my account is still showing blocked ! Please I am begging you. Let me keep my account!. I will even show ADS if required on my personal plan
  6. Can you let me temporarily log in ? So I can take my files. Please, I'm begging you
  7. Hello, my account was recently suspended. Could you please help me out here as to why it was suspended ? I really have to submit this website before the 21st of this Month, so could you please let me login into my account so that I can move my files to another hosting provider ? My Main Domain is, but it redirects to and the vlexofree linkback is present there. Could you please unsuspend my account ? Cpanel username: valency Server: 2082 Email ID: Package: Personal 500