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  1. I'll pick P500 now, and upgrade as the need arises. See you around.
  2. (Wow, that's fast.) Yes you can, with the personal plan you can have 2 more separate websites/domains on your account. Do those extra sites have their own storage space or share the plan's total? Hopefully, I'll be able to acquire some readers, fingers crossed. I'm just trying to acquire some online footing until I need - or rather, can - afford paid hosting etc, being in a technoligically-challenged country and all! :/ thanks for your help. --- btw, last line of the TOS says this: By signing up to VlexoFree Web hosting, you are automatically agreeing to our Terms of Service; which our requests forms, require you to-do. Shouldn't this be: By signing up to VlexoFree Web hosting, you are automatically agreeing to our Terms of Service; which our request forms require you to do.
  3. hey Eli, VlexoFree sounds and looks clean and professional, unlike most other "free" webspace providers. I've read it's history and this site seems to be in sincere hands. Just some queries first. I'll primarily maintain a personal blog-ish site, but also as a budding developer, I might want to put up a few web apps and so on on separate domains. Two questions regarding this: can I host multiple independent sites on a single hosting account? do they all count towards the total available bandwidth/space? or, can I mix-n-match multiple plans/accounts? (If this is possible, I'll just need two: my personal blog on the P500 plan, and everything else on an E2000.) (I know the TOS says NO, but can there be a small exception, please? ) (There's a difficult choice, because frankly, I don't want to have a big ad on every page on my blog for the E2000 plan, but on the other hand, I'm afraid I might eat up the limited space on the P500 plan if everything is constricted at one place...) And regarding the space limitations, can you give me an estimate how much space a small site with light php and sql (such as a little forum) might need? (newbie here, heh) Further, I see the TOS has a statement regarding inactivity, but what if I have a site that is static, say a software's homepage that's hardly updated unless the app itself gets an update? This is all for now - I might update with more questions as they arise. Thanks in advance!