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  1. I've done that am and currently awaiting their email.
  2. I've gotten it to load, but when I try to change the password to log into that through the member panel it says "You are not permitted to change the password for “Artillect” because you are not the owner of this account." What can I do?
  3. That webpage isn't loading
  4. Account Plan: Personal 500 cPanel UserName: Artillect Your Domain or Subdomain: Browser: Google Chrome System (Mac/PC/Linux): Chromebook Nature Of Problem: Cpanel Error you are Getting [If applicable]: "This webpage is not available" "err_connection_refused" Problem: I go to my domain and then click go to cPanel, and it takes me to an error page. It seems that the login page is probably down.
  5. I was unable to log into my CPanel and couldn't upload a site within the time required. I've since figured out what to do thanks to the help of Eli, and would like to try to do this over. Account Username: Artillect Domain: Package: Personal 500
  6. That makes absolutely no sense. I have no clue what that would be, I've never used a username that starts with u and ends with 9. I don't remember setting a username for my account anyways, I only ever entered an email.
  7. For some reason, cPanel says that my login info is incorrect. I've tried every combination of username and password I've ever used, and made sure to use my username and password for this account. Also, the help desk list in the submit ticket menu is not showing any options.
  8. Can I use google adsense to add ads to my site to make money for myself?