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  1. So your dad really buys you something every year eh? Lucky...
  2. file size is to big
  3. I prefer PHPbb as my favorite-choice-of-what-message-board-I-prefer. Although other bulletin board softwares such as vbulletin, invision power board, smf etc are easy to use and intergratable with any sort of website, PHPBB remains my favorite because its free. Pulse
  4. Never mind, all fixed. It seems like I can login from any account to any other account I want..
  5. I logged in to CPanel about 10 minutes ago. And my domain is set gamerzplaza.org on ifboard.net. Can someone fix this? I can no longer access any email accounts of ifboard.net, neither can I even manage files. Plus, the google adsense codes won't even work. Pulse
  6. Vlexo you need to access my IFB domain, since you currently are controlling the DNS I believe.
  7. I find it pointless.. Pulse
  8. http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/1739/vlexosigoa6.jpg IT STILL DON't WORK
  9. This is a sig I made for Vlexo.com. As you can see, the familiar look of New York (Manhattan) in the background. With the Statue of Liberty on the right and the World Trade Center in the left. It marks a life time hosting that will last forever. Just like 9/11. http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/1739/vlexosigoa6.jpg the image thing wont work. I tried 10 different image uploaders, all with the same error.... :|
  10. Play Station 3, since I own one already. Xbox 360 isn't all that great.
  11. I may become part of the team. Although, competition is strict, and advertising isn't just one step. I'd say lets keep it like this for a week or two, and see how we are at. I'll submit this site to some directories. And give you all the links to the directories I've submitted. Pulse
  12. This is something that most host usually do. As a result, I thought that this tip would be very effective and supportive to Vlexo Hosting and Vlexo himself. The Tip: Submit this site to multiple Web Hosting Engines such as freeweb-host or a website that advertises Web Hosting companies. Therefore, thus increasing the amount of visitors and members on Vlexo. So, multiply 60 members with 1000 people, you get tons of people that will become interested in your website. This always works if you use it appropriately. Hosting's don't grow themselves, the Administrator grows it for you. I've noticed that alot of hosting companies, not mentioning any names due to competition, have increased the amount of visitors, resulting a very active and populated community. So, I think this is a very good option you guys have! I love your hosting, maybe we can make it even better Pulse
  13. Yay France! I went there once for vacation and a funeral. The place is amazing! Going to miss you even though I don't really know you that much! Pulse
  14. ! Great to see another user that uses our IF Board Default theme. If you can wait a bit longer, IPB-IF 2.1.5 will be releases soon too! Pulse
  15. Is the username and password correct ?